Women feel more uneasy cycling to work than guys, Strava report discovers

Almost anywhere worldwide, you’re most likely to discover a guy on a bike than a lady.  


Fitness tracking network Strava keeps tabs on 48 million individuals who utilize the app for runs, walkings, fitness center exercises, commutes, biking journeys, and more. When crunching the numbers for 2019, Strava discovered a befuddling pattern with female bicyclists: They were less most likely to bike to work than males.  


Globally, females commute by bike 6.7 percent less than males, based upon Strava information launched Tuesday. In the U.S., gender parity is a lot more out of reach, with females bicyclists travelling approximately 17.4 percent less than guys. Just in Denmark will you discover more female bicyclists travelling than their male equivalents.    Read more …

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