Would you explain yourself as a Type An organizer with a list for whatever? Are visual preparation tools more vital than function, or is effectiveness your leading concern? Does all of this make you yawn and you ‘d rather avoid the preparation completely?

It may have something to do with your enneagram type.

I think our enneagram numbers ( take the test totally free here if you do not understand yours ) contributes in our favored preparation design, so let’s dig in and see what your enneagram type states about what organizer is the very best suitable for you.

.Type One – – The Day Designer *.

Type ones like an excellent strategy. When preparation is to leave a little space for versatility, the finest thing for ones to keep in mind. Absolutely nothing is going to go 100% to strategy. Make fallback and C, and if all else stops working, bear in mind that the something you can manage is your mindset. Do not let stopped working strategies destroy a great time, and attempt not to take it all too seriously. The Day Designer is excellent for the type ones, due to the fact that they have an area for all their everyday basics: supper strategies, leading 3 to-dos, goal-setting worksheets, and day-to-day scheduling areas from 5am-9pm.

. Type Two – The Passion Planner.

Type 2s are assistants, so they generally do finest when somebody else is developing the information, and they’ll do something about it based upon where their acts of service are most required. They have a hard time a little when it comes to preparing their own tasks. That’s why the Passion Planner is the ideal suitable for 2s. The coordinator has an area to record all the good ideas that have actually occurred, daily and weekly focuses, individual and work order of business, and you can produce your own enthusiasm roadmap. While 2s aren’t thinking about themselves initially, the enthusiasm roadmap can assist them picture finishing their individual objectives.

. Type Three – Daily Simplified Planner by Emily Ley .

Success-oriented 3s enjoy the action part of preparation, and do not get as captured up in the excellence of all of it. Done is much better than best is something they’ve long thought to be real. They’ll still do a great task—- however there requires to be an end date that they can mark off to mark as total and if that implies handing over to guarantee they finish the jobs, they’re everything about it.


The Daily –– Simplified Planner by Emily Ley is all they require– a timeline for conferences and an order of business to mark off and feel accomplished. There’s absolutely nothing much better to 3s than marking off a product on their order of business.

. Type Four – Daily Planner by Lavendaire .

Emotionally-led fours will have a hard time some with preparation consistency, however flourish when they –’re in their innovative energy. They’re more of the visionary than the nitty gritty information individual. And visuals play a huge functionin discovering a quality coordinator. They may be most likely to go through a range of coordinators with time in-between without them. The very best type of organizer for them is one that enables them to dream. The Daily Planner by the YouTuber Lavendaire, with the Artist of Life Workbook as a partner, provides you the alternative to get very comprehensive about what you desire in your life. Fours may value the Artist of Life Workbook as a partner to the coordinator to dreamily prepare for the brand-new year.

. Type Five – Unbound Planner *.

Type fives can be resulted in think of the future really rationally. It’s harder for fives to believe mentally about the future, and tend toweigh pros – and cons from a really sensible point of view. The Unbound coordinator, who we’ve teamed up with for many years now, is a fantastic tool for fives. Fives can utilize the Unbound Planner to produce in-depth action prepare for their objectives, design their days by the hour( and prepare for time alone to refuel their energy )and track their practices.

. Type Six – Erin Condren LifePlanner .

Is something incorrect? Type 6s notice it. Type 6s will be gotten ready for whatever that can fail, which implies they’re the go-to individual when you’ve forgotten something.They like – to prepare ahead, and understand what they’re entering so they can feel more ready.


Erin Condren coordinators are the option coordinator for numerous 6s that I understand. You can personalize with interchangeable covers, and strategy ahead with weekly, annual and month-to-month preparation.

. Type Seven – The Positive Planner .

Somewhat spread, 7s can have problem with coordinators and keeping an eye on all the concepts in their heads. They choose to do things on an impulse and make choices rapidly. Not all their strategies come out completely, however they’ll absolutely motivate individuals to make their concepts come to life. Since their enthusiasm is apparent in all that they do, they can offer virtually anybody on anything—-. The Positive Planner is best for 7s, due to the fact that they like for things to remain light. It consists of affirmations and quotes, state of mind tracking, mindfulness activities and more.

. Type Eight – Productivity Planner .

Type 8s are everything about making strategies come to life and aren’t scared of the hustle that includes it. They like a great strategy, and perform well. That’s why monitoring everything with the Productivity Planner from Intelligent Change is the method to choose 8s. This coordinator assists you remain concentrated on your essential jobs, focus and prevent interruptions on quality over amount.

. Type Nine – 52-Week Happiness Planner .

Type nines tend to like to go with the circulation. You can anticipate them to be cool doing practically anything—- however they’re not most likely to do an in-depth travel plan. A weekly coordinator is ideal for nines. Daily preparation isn’t – required for nines, who like to keep it flowy and light. The 52-week organizer provides you weekly reflection triggers, goal-setting and reflection areas.

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