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Congrats on practically making through another week of … this.

You understand who likewise is worthy of congratulations?

Tennessee state Sen. Katrina Robinson, an extensive care nurse who wore her scrubs and took a trip to New York City to assist deal with coronavirus clients .

Her house state lastly executed its own stay-at-home order at the end of March.

But some states still sanctuary’’ t done so.


The New York Times has a terrific tracker , however I’’ ll conserve you a click.

Campaign Action

The states whose guvs, since this writing, still sanctuary’’ t released statewide stay-at-home orders are

.Arkansas.Iowa.Nebraska.North Dakota.Oklahoma.South Dakota.Utah.Wyoming.

Guess what all these states likewise share?

.They’’ re run by Republicans. GOP guvs, GOP-controlled legislatures.

Kansas takes place to be among the states with a republican-controlled legislature and a democratic guv.

.A couple of weeks back in this area , I blogged about the Sunflower State GOP’’ s objection to offer Gov. Laura Kelly broad authority to utilize emergency situation powers to fight the spread of the infection.On March 19, legislators passed a resolution to extend her emergency situation powers through May 1.The legislature is empowered to reauthorize those powers every thirty days afterwards…. however Republicans likewise provided themselves the authority to evaluate and withdraw a few of the methods she utilizes her emergency situation powers.The procedure extending her authority avoids Kelly from taking Kansans’ ’ ammo (something she’’ s never ever provided any indicator whatsoever she had an interest in doing) and provides the GOP-controlled legislature the power to withdraw any orders she provides commandeering personal property or restricting motion.Fast-forward to today, when Gov. Kelly released an executive order broadening an earlier one that prohibited events of more than 10 individuals to end an exemption for spiritual events and funeral services .For those who observe, Easter—– a quite huge to-do—– is this Sunday.And if my own youth experience is any sign, if you go to church simply as soon as a year, you go on Easter.Yeah, this was a wise relocation …… made smarter by the fact that truth least three instances 3 circumstances community spread neighborhood spread out state are attributable to church services—– a quarter of the known COVID-19 recognized in the state.Get in the GOP, who may be taking the entire rising-from-the-dead thing a little too actually, given that they plainly have no issue putting Kansans at danger of coronavirus direct exposure in the name of religious beliefs.Members of the Legislative Coordinating Council voted along celebration lines on Wednesday to reverse the brand-new executive order , which not just showed Republicans’ ’ utter contempt for both the guv and public security, however likewise developed confusion about the credibility of the previous executive order prohibiting events of more than 10 individuals.On Thursday, Gov. Kelly submitted a claim with the Kansas Supreme Court challenging the LCC’’ s authority to reverse executive orders. on Thursday , coronavirus cases in Kansas leapt to 1,106, and deaths from COVID-19 went from 38 to 42.

We all have a lot on our minds and on our plates today, so it’’ s completely reasonable that you might have missed out on the ballot ordeal in Wisconsin today.

But OH was it a catastrophe.

.On Tuesday, Wisconsinites were set up to cast tallies in both the governmental main election and in an essential state Supreme Court race.Among these contests, Republicans couldn’’ t care less about. The stakes for that Supreme Court contest were high.

You see, while these judicial elections are seemingly nonpartisan, conservatives presently take pleasure in a 5-2 bulk.

.When the next seat is up in 3 years, a loss on Tuesday would make the court 4-3 and provide progressives an opportunity to take the bulk.

Enter a fatal around the world pandemic that’’ s exceptionally contagious.

.Democrats in the state (other than the guv, for some factor) demanded weeks to postpone the election and/or broadly broaden vote-by-mail.The day prior to the election was arranged to be held, Gov. Tony Evers released an executive order disallowing in-person ballot.… an order the Wisconsin Supreme Court immediately reversed (even with the man on the tally recusing himself, conservatives still have that 4-2 benefit).Republican legislators, who have actually invested the whole last years wearing down democracy in the state by means of voting constraints, gerrymandering, and successfully ending project financing and principles oversight, understand complete well their interests are much better served when less citizens cast tallies.Of course they disregarded the guv’’ s pleas to postpone the election.

The outcome?

.Since survey employees feared for their health too much to staff them, less ballot locations in the most inhabited locations.Citizens standing in hours-long lines and reluctantly coming within 6 feet of other individuals throughout a nationwide health crisis.Confusion as numerous citizens who asked for absentee tallies however never ever got them appeared to cast their votes in individual.

And we still wear’’ t even understand who won.

.Legal wrangling in the days preceding the election led to part of one judgment being maintained—– a part that extends the due date for the day by which absentee tallies need to be gotten to April 13.And after that the count will start.And we’’ ll be advised all over once again that Republicans are more than ready to utilize this fatal pandemic as a citizen suppression method.

Oh, and while Republican legislators were incredibly hectic not holding off the election or taking other actions to make casting tallies much safer for Wisconsinites, they had the ability to make a long time to pen a letter to Gov. Evers on a really important matter.

.On Monday, 40 GOP lawmakers sent out the guv a letter contacting him to resume the state’’ s golf courses

Finally, a little non-coronavirus associated news.

.Late in 2015, I composed about how ousted Republican Gov. Matt Bevin offered Kentucky a big assisting of ““ screw you people, I’’ m going house ” on his escape the door in the type of 161 pardons and 419 commutations ( though over 300 of those were for individuals serving time for entirely drug-related offenses).Truly, however, it wasn’’ t the variety of commutations and pardons—– it’’ s a few of the folks who got them . Take, for example, Patrick Baker, who was founded guilty of negligent murder in 2017 and had actually served simply 2 years of his 19-year sentence. Members of Baker ’ s household were good adequate to hold a charity event for Bevin, and they contributed to his gubernatorial projects . I ’ m sure you ’ re surprised to discover that Bevin did not choose to likewise pardon Baker ’ s co-defendants. Then there ’ s Blake Walker, founded guilty of eliminating his moms and dads in’2003.Or Kurt Smith, condemned of killing his six-week-old kid. Or Delmar Partin, founded guilty of beheading a female and packing her in a barrel.Or Kathy Ann Harless, who left her newborn in an outhouse to pass away.Or Dayton Jones, founded guilty of sexually attacking a 15-year-old in2016. Or Micah Schoettle, sentenced to 23 years in jail in 2015 for raping a kid. When asked in a radio interview in December whyhe didn ’ t leave the child rapist kid for his successor to follower, Bevin was forced to required for clarification Information. “ Which one? ”.

Well, I ’ m sure you“’ ll be simply surprised to discoverthat a person of the predators whose sentence Bevin travelled is back in prison .

. Today, Dayton Jones was apprehended on federal kid porn charges. These charges originate from the very same 2014 sexual attack for which he was serving 15 years prior to he was sprung by the outbound Republican guv. Bevin stated that he travelled Jones ’ sentence since he thought there was “ no ” proof connecting him to the attack in concern other than for the “ statement of kids who were getting “a much better offer by tossing [him] under the bus. ”.



… all right so that was not the most uplifting note to end on, however a minimum of you weren ’t thinking of coronavirus for half a minute, possibly?


But yeah, it ’ s rather not surprisingly basically all we ’ re considering now.

If you ’ re questioning action may be afoot in your own statehouse to handle the spread of COVID-19 orto reduce its’impacts, financial and otherwise, put on ’ t sleep on this useful NCSL resource of coronavirus-related legislation broken down by state and totally searchable.


Whatever ’ s going on in your state and area, take excellent care of yourself out there. It can be simple to forget when we ’ re all stuck in our own houses, however we ’ re in fact all in this together.


And today, somebody is eagerly anticipating seeing you.Or speaking to you. Or they ’ re counting on you. Or you ’ re depending on them. Or they ’ ve tossed all their trousers’away since we ’ re in the throes of a pandemic which sounds a dreadful lot like a PANTSdemic and you simply can ’ t be too mindful nowadays.


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