For those people who try out CSS, it’’ s an amazing time. The development of CSS Grid and Flexbox have actually opened an entire brand-new world of page design possibilities.

And among the more fascinating usages for these tools is their combination within news and magazine-style sites. They frequently have more special and intricate design requirements than other categories. It has actually resulted in some really innovative services.

Today, we’’ ll reveal you some interesting examples of both news index page designs and even a couple of for specific posts. Every one is hosted on CodePen, so you can see precisely how they were developed.

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Here’’ s a prime example of CSS Grid ’ s physical fitness for a news page. It’’ s a 12-column design, with a big function story up top that uses up two-thirds of the very first row. From there, it rotates in between one-third and two-thirds stories listed below and a one-third listing along the. The appearance produces a great balance and enables each story to stick out.

See the Pen News Layout by Marc Müller

.Creative Touch.

These new-fashioned CSS strategies are frequently utilized to mimic traditional print designs . This publication design utilizes Flexbox to include retro shapes, multicolumn streaming text and a big highlighted image.

See the Pen Magazine Layout by Raisa Yang

.A Fully-Visual Experience.

This post design looks appealing, yet relatively basic on very first glimpse. A huge image on the left is combined up with good typography on the. Begin scrolling and you’’ ll see what makes this one stand out. The very first area of text scrolls as the image remains in location. Go even more and you’’ re consulted with full-width images and several columns of text. It’’ s a smart style that will keep readers interested.

See the Pen Article Development// Modular CSS Grid Layout Sections by Brian Haferkamp

.Huge Steps.

The contemporary age of news websites has actually made visual stories, ones without a great deal of text, rather popular. Here’’ s a fascinating design that might be a fantastic suitable for describing multistep procedures or noting the popular posts of the day.

See the Pen CSS Grid Magazine Layout by Elzette

.Masonry Blocks.

This CSS Grid-based masonry design of posts has a number of things going all out. The design is complicated –– however without being disorienting. Using faded background images and clear typography make it simple to identify one short article from the next. And the spectacular hover impacts produce an enjoyable and efficient user experience.

See the Pen CSS Grid Layout as Masonry case research study by @Kseso by Kseso

.Break Past Your Limits.

So-called ““ break out ” areas are a popular function within short articles. They are terrific for including focus to essential quotes and even images. The CSS utilized to need all sorts of hacks in order to get an aspect to go beyond a fixed-width container. That is, up until CSS Grid occurred. This example shows simply how simple it is to incorporate into your design.

See the Pen Breaking Out With CSS Grid Layout by Steven Monson


Sometimes it’’ s great to see an example design that shuns material. This makes it simpler to understand, specifically if you’’ re simply discovering a brand-new strategy such as CSS Grid. With a clear summary of each container and handy terms, you’’ ll acquire a much better understanding of how this one was assembled.

See the Pen CSS Grid Layout – – New Terminology by Stacy

.Pretty Posts.

Post grids are a great option for both news sites and blog sites. A properly designed one is simple to check out, includes and offers some whitespace interactivity. All of those qualities are well-represented here. The tidy card design is simple on the eyes, while the hover impacts provide it a high tech feel.

See the Pen Expandable Post Grid by Daniel Högel

.Excellent News.

Designing a news-oriented site can be a genuine difficulty. It needs a method for getting your finest material in front of users while guaranteeing that it lures them to click. And, once they read a short article, you wish to supply them with the very best experience possible.

Thankfully, CSS designs have actually never ever been more efficient in assisting you attain these objectives. Looks that utilized to be booked for desktop publishing software application are now quickly reproduced –– as a lot of the bits above show.

The primary step is to spend some time to consider how you wish to provide your material. From there, you can utilize among these examples as a beginning indicate make it come to life.

If you’’d like to see much more distinct design bits, have a look at our CodePen collection .

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