This is the blue color selected by Pharrell Williams. This is the blue color selected by Pharrell Williams. (Stan Horaczek/)

The expression “pro” is among the most mistreated marketing terms in the tech world. Instead of suggesting an item is suggested for expert usage, it has actually ended up being a rather useless catch-all to suggest that something is elegant or high-end. That’s definitely real when it comes to the brand-new Beats Solo Pro earphones —– in truth, they deliberately do not have some functions that audio experts discover important. Remarkably, even if they have a “professional” name however do not consist of some traditional professional functions, these are a few of the very best active noise-canceling earphones around for daily individuals who do not wish to issue themselves with EQ levels or tweaking ANC efficiency.

What are they?

Beats formerly just used active sound canceling in its bigger over-the-ear designs. The brand-new Solo Pro’’ s smaller sized cups sit on top of the versatile part of your ear instead of incorporating the entire thing. It’’ s been a popular type element for Beats over a number of generations. The brand-new Solo Pro is a development of the Solo line, however it’’ s a noteworthy advance because it presents significant modifications beyond the make over.

 If you have a substantial head, these are most likely not the earphones for you. If you have a substantial head, these are most likely not the earphones for you. (Stan Horaczek/)

Sound quality

If you’’ re utilizing an iPhone with the Solo Pro earphones, you put on’’ t requirement to download an app to alter the settings or set them up. If you ’ re utilizing Android, you can download a devoted app to assist get linked, however it’’ s not required. That’’ s since the Solo Pros wear ’ t grant you any access to alter their sound profile. If you’’ re intending to mess around with levels or virtual sliders to fine-tune sonic efficiency like with Sony’’ s high-end earphones, you ’ re out of luck. There are no other settings, like ““ pop ” or “ jazz ” to choose, either. Out of the box, the Solo Pros sound like they sound.

For numerous users, that ’ s an unique favorable. The Solo Pros sound clear and very tidy without excess bass to muddy things up. I played ““ The Choreographer,” ” by Action Bronson and was pleased how the Solo Pros didn’’ t get slowed down by the non-stop heavy bass undercurrent. Playing ““ Cafo, ” by Animals As Leaders, the earphones stayed up to date with the ruthless guitar runs and continuous percussive attack. With Billy Joel, the piano sounded simply as twinkly as you’’d hope. It ’ s not ideal– while the lows and highs sounded strong, the mids might sound a little thin from time to time.


While other business like Sony and Bose extol the number of selectable levels of noise-canceling they use, Beats (and its moms and dad business, Apple), boast an absence of controls. The ANC system in the Solo Pros finds noises in the outdoors world and attempts to identify the very best technique to cancel sound for you present activity. On an airplane, it’s cranked to max. On the street, it’s less noticable to ideally avoid you from getting creamed by a truck. At the exact same time, the noise-canceling system likewise listens inside the earcups to fight any weirdness or distortion that might turn up.

 There's just one button and a Lightning port on the bottom of the earphones. There’s just one button and a Lightning port on the bottom of the earphones. (Stan Horaczek/)

The entire system changes numerous times every second. You wouldn’’ t understand it to listen to it. The ANC moves slowly, so there’’ s no unique minute when what you’’ re hearing sounds significantly various.

Overall, the ANC is exceptional. In regards to raw power, it can’’ t rather take on Bose’’ s 700s or the Sony 1000-MX3, however nobody truly ought to anticipate them to. It’’ s the simpleness that makes the Solo Pros appealing. When it comes to ANC, #peeee

Beats does provide one mode in addition to on and off. The openness mode utilizes the external microphones to pump in ambient noise and let you listen to what’’ s going on around you as if you weren ’ t using them at all. Great deals of noise-canceling earphones share this capability, however the Solo Pros do it extremely well. They’’ re still really obvious when you’’ re using them, so it’’ s still much better to take them off to have a discussion, however if you’’ re simply listening for a statement on a train or something like that, it works simply great.


When it concerns $300 consumer-oriented earphones, the style and little touches make a huge distinction. The product packaging falls away and significantly provides the earphones to you when you open the Solo Pro box. The cushioned case feels soft and exceptionally luxe. It’’ s a gorgeous things, however it’’ s irritatingly missing out on a pocket to hold the charging cable television, which I discover very helpful on other brand names’ ’ cases.

 The external part of the best ear cup conceals its capability to manage your music playback. Clicking the leading or bottom of the panel decreases the volume or raises. Tapping on the The external part of the ideal ear cup conceals its capability to manage your music playback. Clicking the leading or bottom of the panel reduces the volume or raises. Tapping on the “b” in the middle of the plate stops or begins playback. Tap two times to avoid a tune or 3 times to return a tune. Since it’s more challenging to trigger by mishap, I like this much better than touch controls. (Stan Horaczek/)

Apple altered the method it stitched the product on the earcups so there’’ s no joint to annoyingly sit versus your skin; they likewise declare that this increases toughness. The surface on the band that holds them together resembles the velvet-like texture on the Bose 700s.

There’’ s just one button on the whole gadget—– it’’ s on the bottom of the left ear cup and it lets you cycle the ANC on and off. It’’ s sophisticated and easy, however it likewise implies there’’ s no power button. The earphones remain on unless you fold them up. I got utilized to this, ultimately, however a couple of times in my early screening, I took the earphones off and sat them down when I was done listening, just to understand that I had actually gone out the battery since I didn’’ t collapse them to cut the power.

The battery life guarantees 20 hours of playback with ANC and always-on Siri performance. While we didn’’ t sit with a timer to get a precise runtime for a complete charge, I utilized them frequently for a number of days without any issues. They likewise guarantee approximately 3 hours of playtime from simply 10 minutes of charging. I really did test this number and got simply under 3 hours from 13 minutes of charging from dead.

 The style is more attractive than previous designs. The style is more enticing than previous designs. (Stan Horaczek/)

When it is time to charge the Solo Pros, you’’ ll do so with a Lightning cable television instead of a USB-C. As an iPhone user, I really like this approach given that I generally have a phone battery charger with me anyhow. USB-C would be more useful on the whole.

The total fit plainly isn’’ t targeted at individuals with big heads: in my case, the band simply hardly accommodated my noggin. I’’ ve seen some evaluations declare they squeeze too hard, however I’’ ve discovered that to be the case with practically all on-ear earphones and I believe it plays an essential function in keeping them in location. If you can, I constantly suggest that individuals try out pricy earphones prior to making the leap, which’’ s no various here.

Who should purchase them?

The $300 Solo Pros sound fantastic, however so do numerous other high-end earphones because variety. These truly shine, nevertheless, for individuals who desire exceptional noise and strong noise-canceling with very little hassle. If you wish to play, nevertheless, look somewhere else.


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