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65 marathons, 1 treadmill, 0 days off: How a Navy fitness trainer took on a world record during lockdown in Italy

Naples Italy coronavirus covid-19 lockdownREUTERS/Ciro de Luca

When Italy went into lockdown in early March to slow the spread of the coronavirus, residents across the country were stuck at home.
Being cooped up at home might seem like a hindrance for someone who loves long-distance running, but Alyssa Clark, an ultra marathoner and Navy spouse, didn’t let it slow her down.
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Even before Italy locked down in response to the coronavirus, Alyssa Clark could tell something more severe was coming.

“It was probably mid-February where we started having [authorities say] if you’ve traveled in this region, you need to make sure that you are reporting where you’ve been … and if you have any fevers or coughs, reporting it,” said Alyssa, who until recently lived in Quadrelle, a town near the headquarters of US Naval Forces Europe-Naval Forces Africa in Naples, with her husband, Navy Lt. Codi Clark.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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I Tried Airbnb’s Zaniest Online Experiences

Since the lockdown started, I’’ ve been dreaming about taking a trip. Throughout waking hours, the truth that I can’’ t forecast the timing of my next journey ranks short on my list of issues. In sleep, I discover myself lining up to board airplanes, running to capture trains, rattling on buses through unknown landscapes. I am constantly in transit; I never ever totally show up. Last night I dreamed I was awaiting a linking flight when I understood I’’d lost my baggage . A couple of weeks earlier, my subconscious set up a holiday with my moms and dads, who, in truth, I sanctuary ’ t seen given that February. We ’d simply hugged hi’in a congested airport when my dream self kept in mind the presence of the unique coronavirus . I felt a sickening fear, and after that I got up.


My unconscious mind appears to be informing me that, after 8 weeks of leaving my apartment or condo as low as possible, I ’ m more agitated than I ’ ve let myself’confess. It ’ s an issue that anybody working from house needs to feel fortunate to have. Still, it might discuss the interest I felt in early April, when I discovered that Airbnb was providing what it calls Online Experiences: virtual cooking classes, physical fitness sessions, and other eccentric ventures led by hosts of odd know-how all over the world and performed by means of the video-conferencing app Zoom for the diversion and amusement of individuals who discover themselves tired, distressed , and homebound.


Before the development of COVID-19, I had strategies to report on the business ’ s initial, in-real-life variation, Airbnb Experiences, for Outside. Launched in November 2016 as Airbnb Trips, then later on rebranded, Experiences is its effort to plant a flag in the trip economy that inhabits a considerable share of visitors ’ budget plans.( Sixty percent or more of travel costs goes to dining establishments and activities, according to market expert Henry Harteveldt .) Simply as Airbnb permits individuals to turn their normal houses into advertisement hoc hotels, Experiences motivates them to transform their zany enthusiasms and leisure activities into strolling trips, cooking classes, and other pursuits. That individual twist is a trademark of Airbnb Experiences, and it sets it apart from the offerings of a mass-market trip business.


However, 2 years after Airbnb rebranded Trips as Experiences, the department is still losing cash, according to The Wall Street Journal . Airbnb decreased to speak on record for this story, however CEO Brian Chesky– who has aspirations of turning the business into a full-service online travel bureau with, to name a few things, its own flight-booking tool — appears devoted to Experiences as a foundation of his business ’ s future.


Now the pandemic has actually stopped tourist forever. Prior to the arrival of COVID-19, Airbnb—had actually prepared to go public by the end of the year. Chesky informed NPR in late April that he stays “ really positive ” that Airbnb will still have an IPO in 2020. This week, the business revealed layoffs of approximately 25 percent of its personnel. In a memo , Chesky informed workers that 2020 profits is anticipated to be less than half of what it remained in 2019.


Weeks prior to, the business had actually doubled down on Experiences. On April 8, it revealed that hosts would be modifying their offerings for an online format, developing “ a brand-new method for individuals to link, take a trip essentially and make earnings throughout the COVID-19 crisis. ” At press time, the more than 150 Online Experience listings consisted of a high-intensity exercise with an Olympic rower, a cello performance with an expert artist, and cooking classes for whatever from salsa to curry to homemade ricotta cheese.


Until now, Airbnb” ’ s success has actually been moved by its guarantee to assist any traveler, in the words of its most well-known motto, “ Live like a regional. ” Its constellation of house shares let you burrow into whatever bohemian community you may desire call house.Airbnb Experiences caters’to the very same desire to access a genuine variation of each location we check out. It provides tourists an avenue to a city ’ s genuine citizens, much of whom wear ’ t operate in tourist.


By contrast, on the surface area, Online Experiences appears to supply an escape of a location instead of a method into one– an escape from our present shelter-at-home circumstances instead of an intro to a brand-new town. Individuals will see little of the locations where each online experience is hosted. The appeal is the opportunity to break complimentary, for an hour or 90 minutes, from the tension and dullness of our particular quarantines—. The lure of travel, in big part, is the chance to consider our own lives from a range. I ’ m among those individuals who sobs in cars and trucks and on planes: it feels safe to let the sensations reach you when you ’ re in movement, as if you ’ ll overtake them by the time you show up.


A couple of days after Online Experiences released, I excitedly registered for 4 of the highest-rated sessions: a sangria-making workshop run by drag queens in Portugal, a magic lesson in England taught by a Guinness World Record– holding magician, an assisted meditation in a sheep barn in Scotland, and a trip of Chernobyl, Ukraine, with a male who tends to the location ’ s packs of roaming pets. As I did so, I understood expecting more than a virtual modification of setting. I was yearning the point of view on life that trips so typically offer. The experience that the majority of interests me is the one we ’ re all in the middle of– however I ’ ve discovered my own sense of this lockdown to be unusually slippery, as if the absence of everyday variation in some way equates to a lack of texture. I got the news that a member of the family might have been exposed to the infection, and after that the news 2 days later on that her test returned blessedly unfavorable, while I beinged in the very same area on the very same sofa—. It ’ s been hard to hang on to these minutes as unique memories.


And possibly that ’ s why I ’ ve been dreaming about taking a trip: I wish to get far enough far from this tense, listless life to recall at it and see where I am.


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Choosing the Best Artisan Fireplace for Outdoor Living

Just like fireplaces can entirely alter the method you engage and see with the interior of your house, fire pits can be an advanced addition to your yard.

From offering heat to formulating something great barbecue design or to simply increasing a relaxing visual, fire pits can do whatever fireplaces can do (and perhaps even much better!).

Of course, just like anything else, a fire pit need to be thoroughly thought about as a financial investment. The large quantity of choices offered can overwhelm the most skilled of house designers, however fear not!

Before you begin looking around for fire pits, pertained to a rough arrangement with your household about the size, function, and design you are searching for in a fire pit. Here are the most important options you will need to make in your look for the ideal craftsmen fire pit.


To identify the very best size for your fire pit, you will initially require to recognize its desired function. Are you a celebration animal that hosts the whole area for a weekly barbecue? Or perhaps it is simply you and your partner that are aiming to comfortable up and unwind.

Your planned usage of the fire pit ought to notify the size you acquire. Some styles and products will be bulkier than others. An elliptical fire pit will naturally be slimmer than something developed into the structure of your patio area or deck, like a stone fire pit may be.


There is a fire pit design to fit the visual of every yard possible—– you simply require to discover it! When thinking about a fire pit, picture it sitting directly in the middle of your yard or patio area. Does it watch out of location in your mind’’ s eye? Does it look right in the house, or will it need some rearranging?

If you have a standard mid-century patio area, a stone exterior would be best. Brass coloring or metal can be a fantastic accent in a setup that boasts rustic, woodsy vibes.

Also think about the kind of declaration you desire your fire pit to make. Is it a center piece or simply an accent? Hectic styles like stone, masonry, or patterns will be more eye capturing than streamlined, monochrome metal.


Before starting into outside fireplace arena, thoroughly think about the positioning of your fire pit, offered seating plans, and fuel sources.

If you decide to sustain your outside fireplace with wood, then it stands to reason you will require a location to keep all that lumber! You will wish to select a location that is quickly available while likewise visually enticing, while staying far enough far from the fire that it is not responsible to capture flame through errant triggers.

The shape of the firepit yourself is similarly essential. A circular firepit will normally accommodate less individuals relaxing it, however heat will be dispersed among your visitors more quickly.

On the other hand, a square or rectangle-shaped firepit is a less typical shape in wood burning pits, so you will likely need to go with a gas sourced fire pit. These shapes likewise tend to use up more area, so this is something to think about when thinking up your ideal pit.

Fuel Source

The most popular choices for sustaining an outside fireplace are gel cylinders, gas, and wood burning. Each have their own benefits and demerits, so think about thoroughly which is best for you.

Gel containers and gas both supply extraordinary flame control , which is simply not possible when handling burning wood. Gas and gel containers are usually thought about more secure choices. Over gel, time and gas cylinders are more pricey than lumber.

If you are prepared to come down and filthy with your fire pit and want to make some great ol’ ’ made barbecue, avoid the gel cylinders and gas as possible fuel sources which are ruled out food safe.

Those searching for a fire pit as a source of heat ought to go with a wood burning fire pit. Gel and containers can not take on the heat created by burning wood.

If you choose to burn wood as your fuel source, you must consider the expense of sourcing excellent quality, dry wood when buying your firepit (or you will simply have a worthless, quite planter being in the center of your outdoor patio!).

Stay away from soft woods, such as cedar and pine, which tend to bring more wetness. Wetness in fire wood can result in errant triggers in addition to develop on the inner walls of your pit. As an additional preventative measure, make certain that your lumber has actually been ““ experienced ” for a minimum of a year prior to burning, so that you have more control over the period and strength of the fire and stimulates.

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