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Q&A: Vamoos

Can you give our readers a brief history of Vamoos, and explain what it offers clients?

Vamoos was launched six years ago, but it was primarily launched for tour operators and travel companies. When you go abroad and you travel on holiday, you invariably have a plastic wallet full of lots of bits of paper which tells you about vouchers and directions and things to do.

The initial idea was to put all of that on an app, so that you’ve got a place that contains all the documents you need, a map that’s got a guide to local points of interest, a directory and more. That was the origin of Vamoos, and that’s how it’s grown from nothing to a market-leader in about six years. 

How was the app shaped into something that benefited the hotel sector?

The original idea came from our users. Our tour operator clients were using it on holiday, and they were feeding back: “Look, it’s absolutely fantastic to have all the information about my holiday, but when I get to a hotel, why can’t I have the hotel information there as well?” An app for all that information would mean they wouldn’t have to read a room guide or go and ask reception, so that was the initial inspiration. 

Did your background as a hotelier help to shape the app in any way?

Being a hotel owner myself, I knew the amount of work that was needed to keep room guides and guest directories up-to-date with constant changing recommendations of local restaurants and daily activities. So as soon as we got that feedback I thought, this will help any hotelier to increase the level of service they offer their guests and reduce the amount of effort, work and printing that is needed to provide that service. 

Why is the app so successful in driving repeat bookings?

When you’ve done a trip with Vamoos and you have it all at your fingertips, then you don’t want to do another one without it. So you tend to book again with the same hotels or the same tour operators that you did before – because you know you’ve got that level of information. 

The other thing that really caught us by surprise was that we designed the app to be used once you were on a trip. But almost instantly, the really strong feedback was that people used it before their trip too, as part of the planning and build-up. That was not in its design, but when we look at the monitoring figures, we can see that it is used just as much, if not more, before the visit than during it.

When does Vamoos for hotels go live?

It went live Monday this week. We’ve had it on trial for about six months and launched pilot versions. We’ve already got about 20 to 30 UK hotels signed up to it, so they’re building their information already and working out how to use it, so that they can be off to a flying start. 

In addition, we’ve also made a policy decision not to charge for the app for now. Because we know how tight money is with the current crisis, we’re giving people who sign up six months free usage to help get them started. All we ask in return is for feedback, so that we can build into our future development plan.  

Has the app had to adapt to meet the changes presented by Covid-19?

We haven’t changed anything in the specification in the last few months, but what has happened is that the focus has moved a little bit more. For example, we designed a virtual Do Not Disturb sign, rather than have guests use the ones that you put on your door. 

This way, guests can set up their Do Not Disturb sign and a notification then goes straight to the reception notifying them that they would rather not be disturbed, for example, for the next two hours or before 9:00am. It has become one of the hero features within the feedback, but also helps hoteliers manage to not disturb guests, as well as get rid of items that can harbour infection and viruses, such as the traditional Do Not Disturb signs. 

In what other ways will Vamoos help hoteliers to safely reopen their sites when lockdown lifts?

Putting aside features such as the Do Not Disturb sign, another great feature is the room directory – the ability to give people all the information they need, whether it’s how to work the tv, or what’s happening in the restaurants – and being able to update it at a moment’s notice as soon as things change. 

For example, if you need to change your dining requirements to fit in with the latest government guidance, you can make sure people always have the latest information without having to reprint guides or call people up. That’s the real meat of the app. It’s a directory that is much more dynamic, with videos and pictures, and it has the ability to change in real-time.

You can also message people and keep them up-to-date. So, for example, if there is an outbreak of coronavirus in a local town close to your hotel, you can send a message to every guest at the click of a button to say the area is off-limits. 

The guests can reply to those messages as well – they can order room service and do other things that they would typically have to go to reception or pick up the room phone to do.

And I suppose that also reduces touch-points as well as contact with other people, which is ideal for life after lockdown…

Exactly, and if you link that to a remote check-in, where people upload their payment details and passports, then you can even get to the point where guests can arrive completely touchless. This also works particularly well for apartment-like accommodations. You could use the app together with other technologies to make everything completely touchless if you so desired. 

And are there any other unique benefits that Vamoos provides both guests and hoteliers?

Obviously, the focus now is how one can use this app to reopen safely within coronavirus restrictions. Beyond that, however, the app is ultimately about providing a better service and exciting clients. We provide such features as a countdown to your trip and image galleries, for example, which people love looking at before their trip and showing to friends. Vamoos helps hoteliers to not lose sight of the guest excitement aspect in the rush to make everything safe and secure. 

What are your future plans for the app? 

The next stage of the app will be linking it with other technologies. We’ll be doing live links to hotel PMS technologies and booking systems, for example, and will also look at turning the app into a door key, so that guests can use it to unlock their room. 

We’ve got a good set of features on a standalone basis, but in the future we will definitely look to integrate it with other in-hotel technologies in order to make everything even more seamless. And we’ve designed it in exactly that way, so that it’s easy to link into other systems. 

As a hotel owner yourself, what would be your one piece of advice to other hoteliers right now?

I think the message has got to be: stay positive. This has made people look very carefully at the way they do things. Whether it’s housekeeping procedures, operational procedures or using digital technology, people can use this time to improve service. That’s the message for all of us, whatever business you’re in. Use this opportunity to reinvent and reinvigorate. 

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Froome has things to think about, full calendar unveiled: Daily News Digest


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Hello once again, CyclingTips readers.


Will UCI-sanctioned racing resume as quickly as July 2? That’s what the calendar states, a minimum of.

Two weeks after revealing the reshuffled WorldTour calendars, the UCI launched its complete modified schedule for the 2020 roadway factor on Tuesday. If whatever goes according to strategy( we’ll need to see and wait on that, undoubtedly), racing will return in early July at the Sibiu Cycling Tour in Romania.


In other news, Tuesday brought a couple of more Chris Froome-related headings. Cyclingnews reports that Bahrain-McLaren’s Rod Ellingworth has actually talked to Froome recently however that Bahrain stays dedicated to Mikel Landa a minimum of for 2020, while Froome himself, speaking with media ahead of this weekend’s Challenge of Stars virtual occasion, stated he some things to consider concerning his future.


As normal, we’ll watch on that story.


Until next time, readers.


Dane Cash. News Editor

. What’s news.

|UCI reveals complete modified calendar

The UCI released its complete modified calendar for the 2020 roadway season on Tuesday, providing the broad photo of what pro roadway racing will( ideally) appear like this season beyond the WorldTour calendars revealed 2 weeks back.


Among the highlights: UCI-sanctioned racing is set to resume– ought to whatever go according to strategy– on July 2 in Romania at the Sibiu Cycling Tour. That might not be the greatest race on your radar, however it’s not absolutely nothing. A young possibility called Egan Bernal took the win in 2017, and his now-teammate at Ineos Iván Sosa won the list below year.


|Froome has some things to consider


The newest in Chris Froome possible transfer news functions reports monitoring in with Bahrain-McLaren in addition to some quotes from the four-time Tour de France winner himself.

Cyclingnews reports that Bahrain-McLaren group principal Rod Ellingworth has actually undoubtedly spoken with Froome recently, however that the group is dedicated to Mikel Landa for 2020 at least. Froome spoke to media ahead of the approaching Challenge of Stars virtual race and discussed that he has a number of things to” take into factor to consider. ”


” There are lots of elements actually however I’m in the middle of that procedure now and I’ll be going through those actions in the weeks and months that lie ahead and ideally I’ll have a bit more clearness on what the future holds as soon as those conversations have actually been had and we understand where we stand, “he stated.


|Virtual Tour of the Gila will include some huge groups from North America and abroad


Organizers of the virtual Tour of the Gila have actually revealed the lineup of groups set to object to the occasion, which will range from May 22 to May 24 on Zwift.


Among the 25 males’s groups are domestic racing notables like Elevate-Webiplex, L39ION of LA, and Wildlife Generation, in addition to leading Zwift attires like Saris-The Pro’s Closet and Vitus. Marquee teams amongst the 11 females’s groups are Tibco-SVB, Twenty20 Pro Cycling, and a United States nationwide team.


The race will startwith a group time trial opener, continue with a circuit race on phase 2, and conclude with a mountainous ending on phase 3.


|Crusher in the Tushar cancelled for 2020


The Crusher in the Tushar will not be kept in 2020, organizers revealed on Tuesday,postponing the 10th anniversary event of the occasion till 2021.


” In taking a look at stabilizing the security of our riders, volunteers, and the neighborhood in performancewith standards, regulations, and what’s understood and unidentified, it ended up being painfully clear that supplying an experience that depends on snuff with our requirements and yours simply wasn’t going to take place in 2020, “composed race creator Burke Swindlehurst in a letter released on the occasion’s Facebook page.


Registrants will have the ability to delay their entries to 2021, demand a refund minus processing costs, or contribute the entry charge to the Life Time Foundation or NICA.

. In case you missed it.

|When obligatory helmet laws fail


As Matt de Neef composes, 2 scientists have actually released a scathing review of helmet laws in New South Wales.


|Why you need to support Strava and spend for the important things you enjoy

As you might understand bynow, Strava presented some huge modifications the other day. CyclingTips editor-in-chief Caley Fretz has some ideas on why it’s worth spending for things you like .

|From the Top: How Wahoo Fitness was developed


In the current episode of From the Top , CyclingTips creator Wade Wallace talks with Wahoo Fitness creator Chip Hawkins.


|Ultra-distance bicyclist George Berwick keeps at it


Velo Veritas shares the excellent story of ultra-distance rider George Berwick, who isn’t letting age stop him from acquiring the miles.

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Today’s included picture of Leroy Popowski and Drew Miller at the Crusher in the Tushar in 2017 originates from Christopher See&.


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Home workout plan: Train every muscle group with one routine!

Since the coronavirus epidemic struck and half the planet found themselves in lockdown, interest in bodyweight training and any home workout plan using minimal equipment has skyrocketed. The web has responded in kind, resulting in a huge surge in resources, videos, and articles on that very subject.

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Training with bodyweight is a very smart way to work out and offers many advantages, so this is good news. If more people come out of this situation understanding how to manipulate their own body to improve performance and aesthetics, they’ll be better off for it!

But with so much information out there, things can get a little bit muddled. Should you be doing high reps of push-ups? Do you need to learn planche? How do you train your legs? And can bodyweight training really emulate the benefits of heavy compound lifts?

As it turns out, there are many different approaches to home workouts, each with different benefits.

That’s why this article exists: to provide a simple, full-body home workout plan that can benefit anyone – from gym rats, to pro athletes, to people just wanting to get into shape. A full-body workout plan is simple to follow, and means you can stop worrying about the details and focus on progressing.

Stop worrying about the details and focus on progressing.

If nothing else, this can provide a useful starting point for you to build from.

Note: This plan comes from a qualified personal trainer, health writer, and fitness vlogger – I’m not just a tech journalist, y’know!

The full-body home workout plan

First, I’m going to share the home workout plan with you. After that, I’ll provide a little commentary on why this program should be effective for anyone.

Don’t feel bad if you can’t do the hardest variations – neither can I in many cases!

Each exercise will have a number of different variations starting from easy (on the left) all the way to extremely difficult (on the right). Don’t feel bad if you can’t do the hardest variations – neither can I in many cases!

Once you can perform the target number of repetitions for any movement or hold a position for one minute, increase the difficulty by switching to the tougher option. Otherwise, stop each set once you can no longer perform reps with good form.

I’ve provided a brief explanation of each exercise, but if you need more guidance then a quick YouTube will help you find what you’re looking for!

For any unilateral exercise – meaning it involves just one arm or leg – make sure to double the number of reps so that you are working each side of the body equally.

Rest for one minute between each set and each exercise.

This program can be performed three times a week, making sure to leave at least 48 hours between each session.

Note: perform a warm up prior to this home workout plan.

Knee push-ups | Push-ups | Archer push-ups | One-handed push-ups

Target reps/Time: 12/1 minute
Sets: 3

The regular push-up is a fantastic move for building pec, shoulder, and tricep strength. It also develops a rigid core, and is perhaps the best alternative to a bench press unless you have parallel bars at your disposal. If you can’t perform a regular push-up, you can keep your knees on the ground to reduce the amount of resistance (alternatively stand up and lean against a wall).

It is great at bringing out ripped definition in your abs!

Once the push up becomes easy and you can perform more than ten repetitions, try advancing to movements that isolate one side of the body more. The archer push up involves moving from one hand to the other and then lowering slowly. A one-handed push-up involves removing one hand from the floor altogether.

Not only does this increase the amount of weight you are lifting with each side, but it also forces you to brace your body against rotational forces (called anti-rotation). It also significantly increases the involvement of your core and can help develop your stability and athletic performance. Oh and it is great at bringing out ripped definition in your abs!

Diamond push-ups | Knuckle push-ups | L-sit flutter kicks | V-sit | Mana

Target reps: 12/1 minute
Sets: 2

Diamond push-ups bring your hands directly beneath your sternum in a triangle position. This moves the activation to the triceps, helping to create bigger arms. Knuckle push-ups do the same thing by bringing the hands down to the waist and supporting your weight on your knuckles. It’s crucial not to forget the triceps in a home workout plan, seeing as they should take up two thirds of the muscle mass in the upper arm!

The L-sit is a bodyweight static hold, that involves resting on your hand and holding your legs out straight in-front of you. Most of your weight is held by your triceps, and you’ll also get ab activation. Gently flutter the feet up and down to make this even more of an ab exercise.

It’s something to aspire to!

The v-sit takes this one step further by pointing the legs directly up. Mana is an extremely advanced calisthenics/gymnastic move that involves doubling the legs entirely back to point behind you. Hey… it’s something to aspire to!

Plank holds | Planche leans | Pseudo planche push-ups| Planche push-ups

Target reps/Time: 12/1 minute
Sets: 2

The planche is a stunning movement you’ll find all over Instagram that involves holding the body parallel to the ground while balancing on straight arms. It looks truly gravity defying.

The great thing about this though, is that it trains aspects of strength that are typically missed by most gym programs. In particular, this can develop your straight-arm strength, teaching you to keep your elbows fully locked out and scapula protracted while resting your weight on your hands. What better time to improve an overlooked aspect of your training?

It trains aspects of strength that are typically missed by most gym programs.

Most of us will be miles from accomplishing this feat, in which case focussing on the planche lean (locking out the arms and then leaning slightly forward) or even the plank hold (resting on your toes and forearms) can help build up to that.

(Personal note: I just achieved my straddle planche, which is an easier progression. I’m very stoked about that, except it busted my bicep in the process!)

The key is to focus on pushing the arms into the ground so that the shoulder blades are pushing forward across your back (there should be no dip between them). At the same time, contract your abs as though trying to do a crunch in order to engage the “hollow body.”

Pike push-ups | Elevated pike push-ups | Assisted handstand press | Handstand push-ups

Target reps: 12
Sets: 3

The pike push-up is a downward-facing push-up. It involves getting into push-up position, then bringing your hands toward your feet and pushing your buttocks in the air to form an upside down “V.” Now lower yourself to the ground, focussing on engaging the deltoids (shoulders) as you do.

When this becomes too easy, you can increase the difficulty by raising your feet on some blocks or on a sofa. This increases your range of motion, and places the weight a little more squarely over the shoulders. This is a common inclusion in any home workout plan as one of the best options for training shoulders. An alternative is the decline push-up.

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Once that becomes too easy, it’s time to kick your feet up against a wall and perform full handstand presses. Finally, with practice, you may be able to move away from the wall and balance your full bodyweight on your hands. At this point, the movement will involve your core a lot more, and that work done during the planche and plank will really help you to keep your torso rigid while your weight is stacked over your wrists and shoulders.

(Again, I’m getting there, but I really need to straighten out my posture and improve shoulder mobility!)

Performing free-standing handstands is not essential for building big shoulders, but it’s a great party trick to emerge from quarantine with – and it improves your athleticism in other ways to boot!

Crunches | V-ups | Dragon Flag

Target reps: 12
Sets: 3

These exercises are designed to develop more core stability, while bringing out definition in the rectus abdominis (the six pack!). We all know how to perform a crunch, but make sure that you are truly contracting the ab muscles during this movement, rather than “folding” at the hips. For the V-ups, you’ll be lying flat and then bringing your legs straight up to meet your torso as you sit up. At the apex of the movement, you’ll be resting on your buttocks with your hands pointing forward past your legs. Don’t allow yourself to lie completely flat when you return to the starting position, but instead keep your heels and upper back raised slightly off the ground.

It also looks cool as hell.

The dragon flag is Bruce Lee’s famous move that involves holding onto an anchor point behind your head, resting your body on your shoulders, and then lowering your legs keeping your torso completely straight. This engages the core in an amazing way to prevent flexion in the spine, and can develop insane abs and athleticism. It also looks cool as hell.

Air squats | Cossack squats | Pistol squats

Target reps: 30 | 15 | 10
Sets: 3

Training the legs with bodyweight alone is a big challenge. There is no bodyweight move that can truly mimic a deadlift (if you have a kettlebell then this can be used for hip hinges), and no bodyweight squat will provide the same kind of challenge or increased bone density. However, air squats performed for high repetitions can provide some different benefits by increasing capillary density, helping your legs to grow faster and recover better when you do return to the gym. Moreover, this is a great way to check in on your technique and make sure you have the mobility for a nice deep squat.

There is no bodyweight move that can truly mimic a deadlift.

Cossack squats can increase the challenge more by moving the weight down on just one leg. The other leg will stretch out to the other side and rest on the heel once you enter the deepest point of the movement (where your buttocks are touching your heel). This movement not only develops more strength than an air squat by putting your weight on just one side, but it will also increase mobility by opening up the hips. Mobility should come as a by-product of any great home workout plan.

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Finally, if you have the strength and mobility, you can perform a pistol squat. This is another calisthenics “skill” that looks great on Instagram, and is accomplished by dropping into a full one legged squat while the other leg sticks out directly in front, raised off the ground. Only perform this movement for reps if you are confident that you have the strength and mobility to perform it without significant rounding in the spine, or risk of falling over!

Indian squats

Target reps: 50
Sets: 3

The Indian squat is a lesser known variation of the air squat where you raise up onto the balls of your feet at the bottom of the movement. This puts the emphasis more on the quads, compared with the more hamstring/glute-heavy squat. Performed for high reps, it’s great for building thicker legs, and it can also result in improved athleticism.

This is one of the few moves you can include in a home workout plan that will result in visibly bigger legs. It also has the benefit of developing the calves.

A tougher variation of the Indian squat is the sissy squat, though some people believe these can be tough on the knees. For that reason, I’m suggesting Indian squats for high reps for everyone. Trust me: you’ll feel the pump!

Bodyweight row | Pull-ups | Explosive Pull-ups | Muscle-ups

Target reps: 12
Sets: 3

Pull-ups are a fantastic tool for developing strong, wide lats, as well as more core stability. Perform these properly with your hands just wider than your shoulders, using an overhand (pronated) grip. You’ll pull yourself directly up until your chin is over the bar, then lower until your arms are completely straight. No kicking your way up!

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If you can’t do this yet or don’t have access to a pull-up bar, you can lie under a table with your body and legs out straight in front of you, then pull up just your upper body. This can also be performed by trapping a towel in the door.

To develop more strength and explosiveness, focus on exploding up and out of the movement. Eventually, you may be able to pass over the bar to perform a muscle-up!

Assisted chin-ups | Chin-ups | Assisted one-arm chin-up | Rope climb | One-arm chin-up

Target reps/Time: 12
Sets: 3

Chin-ups are pull-ups with a supinated (underhand grip) and your hands brought slightly closer together. No home workout plan is complete without them.

This move creates more activation in the biceps, making this a key tool for increasing the size of your arms. If you can’t chin up yet, try placing a chair underneath you and use this to assist slightly with the movement.

(If you don’t have a pull-up bar, you can use bodyweight rows with a supinated grip for the next best thing – just make sure to really feel the squeeze in your biceps).

Moving to a unilateral movement will increase the resistance, and thereby grow the biceps even more. To develop to that point, try wrapping a towel over your pull up bar and holding this in your free hand to support your way through the chin-up movement. You can also practice rope climbing if you have a rope available. This develops the grip, core, lats, and biceps, and involves a lot of hanging from one hand – making it perfect for progressing toward the one armed chin-up!

High Repetition Push Ups

Target reps: 100
Sets: 2

To end, we’re going to attempt two sets of 100 rep push ups. If you don’t manage 100 reps, go for as long as you can until failure. This is a strategy known as a “flush set” in bodybuilding. It will fill the upper body with blood, while at the same time providing a light form of “resistance cardio” to develop your work capacity (so that you don’t burn out as quickly during workouts).

Simple printable version

(Cross out what doesn’t apply to you)

Knee Push Ups | Push Ups | Archer Push-Ups | One Handed Push-Ups

Diamond Push Ups | Knuckle Push Ups | L-Sit Flutter Kicks | V-Sit | Mana

Plank Hold | Planche Lean | Pseudo Planche Push Up | Planche Push Up

Pike Push Ups | Elevated Pike Push Up | Assisted Handstand Press | Handstand Push Up

Crunches | V-Ups | Dragon Flag

Air Squats | Cossack Squats | Pistol Squat

Indian Squats

Chin Ups | Rope Climb | One Arm Chin Up

Bodyweight Row | Pull Ups

High Repetition Push Ups

The theory

So there’s your full-body home workout plan! While there are lots of similar programs out there, I believe that this one is uniquely adaptable to those training for a variety of reasons and at a wide range of levels.

One of the biggest challenges when working out from home, is finding movements that are challenging enough as you progress. This guide incorporates advanced calisthenics exercises and their simpler progressions to challenge both the newcomer and the expert. The selection on offer should not only target all the major muscle groups, but also many smaller supporting muscle groups that aid stability and power. That makes this a functional workout that will also build an aesthetic physique.

In short, this should provide the full package for a lot of people. Give it a try, ease into it, and let us know your favorite home body workout plan in the comments below!

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