Ready, set, and go mark your calendars! Low Carb Denver, one of the biggest low-carb conferences in the world, is set for Thursday, March 12 through Sunday, March 15, 2020. Key members of the Diet Doctor team are going to be there, and you can join us through a very special discount.

As part of our amazing Diet Doctor community, you’re invited to get a time-limited discount to this essential conference, now in its fifth year, organized by Drs. Jeffry Gerber and Rod Taylor. Hear fascinating presentations from some of the world’s leading experts in low-carb and keto eating. Meet and mingle with others who are excited and knowledgeable about this transformative lifestyle. Share your progress and find solutions and support for your challenges. Let’s learn about low carb, together.

Throughout the month of October, you’ll get $30 off the conference rate. Full-price tickets are $420, but you can book early for just $390 until October 31.

To sign up and get your special discount, just visit the conference website and click “the Register and Purchase Tickets” tab.  When prompted, enter this promotional code: LCD20DDMD.

Want more? Stay tuned for an exclusive event we’re planning just for members. More than a dozen of us will be there, not only filming the event for our videos, but answering your questions and celebrating your success. We’re so excited to meet you!

Low Carb Denver 2019How to think about how to eat — Gary Taubes30:34In this presentation from the Low Carb Denver conference, the amazing Gary Taubes talks about the conflicting dietary advice we are given and what to make of it all.How to motivate your patients50:25In this presentation from Low Carb Denver 2019, Drs. David and Jen Unwin explain how physicians can finetune the art of practicing medicine with strategies from psychology to help their patients reach their goals.“My brain was trying to kill me”02:34Carrie Brown shares how she was able to put her bipolar 2 disorder into remission with the help of a ketogenic diet and other dietary changes.Should you be afraid of cholesterol on a low-carb diet?27:02What drives the process where good LDL turns into harmful LDL? Is it fat or carbohydrates? What is the impact of fluctuating blood-sugar levels?The carbohydrate-insulin model of obesity — Dr. David Ludwig37:54In this presentation from the Low Carb Denver 2019 conference, Dr. David Ludwig walks us through the latest discoveries on how weight gain and weight loss actually work in practice.The US dietary guidelines: why they matter29:38Is there scientific evidence behind the guidelines, or are there other factors involved?Cholesterol on keto27:41What happens to cholesterol levels on a keto diet? Can weight loss cause increased LDL cholesterol levels? Can resistance training lower LDL cholesterol?Cholesterol on a low-carb diet35:54Is the traditional way of thinking about cholesterol outdated – and if so, how should we view the essential molecule instead? How does it respond to different lifestyle interventions in different individuals?Weight loss and type 2 diabetes reversal on low carb – is it sustainable?31:51In this presentation, Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt goes through the scientific and anecdotal evidence, and also what clinical experience tends to show, regarding the long-term effects of low carb.Will a low carb diet shorten your life?30:57In this highly insightful presentation from Low Carb Denver 2019, Robb Wolf takes us through studies which can help us better understand weight loss, food addiction and health on a low-carb diet.Ketones: the metabolic advantage37:04Can ketones create a possible metabolic advantage?Saving lives and healthcare dollars30:52In the world of life insurance, could low carb help save both lives and money?Insulin resistance and sexual health — Dr. Priyanka Wali23:24Is there a connection between insulin resistance and sexual health? In this presentation, Dr. Priyanka Wali presents several studies that have been made on the subject.PCOS and insulin resistance33:14What is the connection between PCOS and insulin resistance? What are the three criteria for PCOS, and why do some women develop too much testosterone? And why do women put on a low-carb diet for other reasons than infertility, have a higher pregnancy rate?A low-carb diet for T2D reversal – Dr. Sarah Hallberg34:15What is the best approach to type 2 diabetes reversal? In this presentation, Sarah takes us on a deep-dive into the matter and she puts studies and evidence under the microscope.How to increase your odds for healthier aging31:41What’s the biggest issue stopping us from enjoying life in older age, and what can you do to increase your odds for healthier aging?Building healthy athletes: from beginner to winner36:20Are athletes protected from chronic health conditions? What is the most common chronic condition in athletes? What does research on endurance-sport performance show?What about fiber on a low-carb diet?29:46What about fiber? How much do we need? What are the origins of the idea that it is good for us. What is the totality of the evidence? What are the claimed mechanisms by which fiber could be of benefit? When did all of this start?“If you do it right, this will work”36:24Keto is much more powerful than medication, when you get it right. Dr. Eric Westman has more than 20 years of experience guiding patients on a keto diet.EAT-Lancet’s plant-based planet30:12The EAT Lancet report suggests that we should eat no more than 7 g meat per day. Should we all adopt a plant-based diet?Low carb or low fat for type 1 diabetes?31:17Dr. Jake Kushner on managing type 1 diabetes on a low-carb diet, and shares insights and strategies to make it simpler.How to best minimize the insulin response long term30:02Can you think of a food found in nature, that’s high in both fat and sugar? If not, perhaps our human ancestors did not eat a lot of this kind of mixed meals.Harnessing evolution during cancer therapy30:45How can we improve our understanding of cancer and its treatment by viewing it through an evolutionary lense?Start reversing type 2 diabetes right away30:58In this presentation, Mariela Glandt takes us through a deep dive into the beta cell function’s roll in getting, and reversing diabetes.

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