Perhaps the fittest I have actually ever been was the summer season of 1988. Was this since I used up running? Was it since I trained additional tough for football? Was it since I consumed well and devoted myself to pureness of mind and body, enabling myself to reach a zenith of health and wellness that was practically transcendental to the point where I could have ended up being a fitness/lifestyle master with my own variety of VHS tapes to rip individuals off with aid individuals with?

No. Since I invested that summer season biking up a mountain to do 5 hours of radio every day, it’s. I informed you prior to about my very first radio gig , which went on for a while every Friday night. I do not remember this story, however obviously I got a telephone call from a man called Mike who had a radio station in his back garden. Did I elegant joining them? I did, as it ends up.

The deal need to have been extremely luring. Cycle every day from my home which is near the bottom of the Dublin mountains, to his home which was midway up them. There I would provide a radio program on Signal 106FM for 5 hours, 2pm-7pm Monday to Friday. I believe that was the time anyhow. Perhaps it was 4-7, I can’t rather keep in mind.

The payment terms were definitely impressive too. No pounds and no cent, however I would get my extremely own cassette with my DJ name commentary on it. You understand the one. The Top of the Hour jingle heads out like this on stations all over:

BROADCASTING TO [your town] ON [frequency in FM and potentially AM] THIS … … IS … [station name] …


Then you drop in the DJ jingle so everybody understands who is playing the tunes.


Or, keep in mind at that time the DJs with the names like Sandy Beach, Max Power, Dusty Rhodes, Austin Tacious, Robin Banks, and, the traditional, Rick O’Shea. Hi Rick !

Anyway, there’s a story. How do you pick your DJ name? I needed to select my own prior to I went on air at Radio Dublin. Since these were pirate stations –– albeit it not as unlawful as they would end up being in a little while when the federal government presented legislation to disallow them and award licences to radion stations –– no one utilized their genuine name. You needed to choose a nom-de-plume-de-radio.

Mine was … … Dave Adams.

Dave for David Bowie. Adams for Tony Adams. The ideal mix of music and Arsenal. When I reflect now at a few of the mixes I might have utilized based upon what I liked to listen to and gamers of that period, I may have had some crackers.

Aztec O’Leary. Prefab Marwood. Prince Rocastle. Anyhow, I chose Dave Adams.


Audio production at it’s finest utilizing 2 cassette gamers to develop a sort of stutter, echo impact. Simply to be clear, I did not launch an album in the 80s under the very same name. I saw this in HMV one day and I purchased it. Not due to the fact that I always desired it, however since of the name.

So, every day Monday to Friday I would cycle approximately Mike’s home in the mountains. Due to the fact that he was so high up a little transmitter indicated we ‘d get big protection and we had the ability to cover the majority of Dublin, playing definitely dreadful music however having a terrific laugh doing it. There wasn’t a great deal of cash to purchase records, so being the resourceful boys we were, we got our hands on the current pop hits by tape-recording them off other radio stations.

I believe it was Sunshine 101 at the time who did this rather remarkable thing –– in radio terms anyhow –– by playing tunes begin to complete with no genuine disturbance. No DJ talking all the method over the introduction as much as the vocals beginning, and nearly fading out entirely. With ghetto-blasters at the all set, and a host of BASF or TDK or MAXELL cassettes, we ‘d tape-record the tunes directly off the radio.

Now, you needed to be a bit innovative. I keep in mind that our ‘‘ studio variation’ of Sweet Child O’ Mine by Guns N’ Roses had actually be faded in due to the fact that the start of it had a Sunshine jingle or something, and typically you ‘d have to reset the counter on the tape deck and fade out the tune prior to a specific point due to the fact that it ‘d expose us as audio burglars. Those annotations were constantly on the cassette label. It was nearly a brave success if you got here in the studio with one of the latest releases for everybody to utilize.

Summer vacations in Irish schools are rather long, 3 months. I invested every weekday biking up the mountain on my trust Peugeot 10 speed racer, and that was hard. There were some high bits, and one bit that didn’t look that high however which had a constant slope for ages as you occurred the corner. I disliked that stretch with every fiber of my being. Ok, it wasn’t Alpe d’Huez, however still.

Going back down was much, a lot more enjoyable, although when I reflect on it now, operating brakes on my bike would have been truly useful since you might actually get up some speed on the journey house. Shoe brakes are not the most efficient, and being frank I have no concept how I didn’t do myself some major injury thinking about the close shaves I had. Keep in mind, this was the period of Sean Kelly and Stephen Roche, so you ‘d copy them, get your head low and WHIZZZZZZ down the mountain at a monstrous rate. Daft to think of it now, however as a teen remarkable enjoyable.

Given that this was over 30 years back now, I do not keep in mind a good deal about it. I understand there was one DJ there who constantly called INXS ‘‘ Inks’, in spite of the truth individuals would inform him the genuine pronunciation. Is that the worst INXS associated radio accident of perpetuity? No, this is , however it’s still amusing.

.When I grew up, #ppppp> That summertime definitely strengthened my desire to be a DJ. That was my aspiration, to be a radio speaker on a huge radio station, doing the talking and the playing the music and all that. Which I sort of did a bit later, however certainly not permanently, since here I am composing this. And here you read it.

More radio things anon. Hope you’re all safe and well.

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