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In December of 2017 Eliza Jane ( ) and I developed a series of yoga and meditation classes concentrating on professional athletes’ psychological health.

During the difficult time we are confronting with Covid-19 I felt that republishing these tools might be useful to lots of who are having problem with their psychological health.



As professional athletes, coaches and mindfulness instructors both Eliza and I have actually dealt with difficulties with our own psychological health. When creating these classes we determined 3 locations essential for professional athletes to check out:

.Self-compassion.Self-judgement.Self-acceptance.” I practice meditation every day and I normally do it for 10 or fifteen minutes in the early morning, as that prepares me to deal with whatever follows.” – – Kobe Bryant.

When it pertains to sport, it’’ s essential to continue to enhance your video game. When we equate this mindset into daily life, it can be very stress-inducing, producing the capacity for excellent psychological health difficulties like stress and anxiety and anxiety.

Developing a conscious practice such as yoga and meditation can assist you establish higher self-compassion, self-acceptance and end up being less judgmental, all of which can have a favorable influence on your psychological health.

.Self-Compassion.““ Deciding to be a much better individual makes us a much better individual, not beating ourselves up. –– Jodi Aman.

Excellence is established through discipline, focus, devotion, a strong work principles and high expectations. All of these qualities are very favorable and ought to be taught, welcomed and promoted.

When establishing these qualities numerous professional athletes think that if they are not regularly tough on themselves they won’’ t get anything done. This is where self-compassion can be found in.

Self-compassion is accepting ourselves totally; revealing ourselves generosity precisely how we remain in today minute without judgment. Research study now reveals that self-compassion is an essential tool for life-long inspiration and healthy habits, and can really enhance athletic efficiency amongst top-level rivals. With increasingly more research study on self-compassion coming out on professional athletes, we can start to see that hard love might work briefly however that cultivating self-compassion is a lot more crucial to total efficiency and long term success.

The following meditation and yoga practices concentrate on establishing a state of mind of self-compassion.

.Non judgement.““ No guy ever actions in the exact same river two times, for it’’ s not the very same river and he’’ – s not the very same guy. ”– Heraclitus.

Judging and contrast is at the extremely root of athletic competitors and efficiency, i.e. we evaluate a group as ““ much better ” when they win a race or the competition. This is a natural part of the competitive nature of professional athletes. Comparing and bringing this consistent judgment mindset into your day to day life outside of sports can be hazardous to one’’ s psychological health.


As a professional athlete, it is very important to enable yourself the time and area to avoid the competitive nature of comparing and evaluating so that you can simply ““ be.”


In both meditation and yoga you discover to let go of that judgement. When establishing a mindfulness practice your attention will roam regularly and you start to feeling like you are stopping working or are bad at mindfulness, for numerous. When practicing in a conscious method, there is no bad or great.

.When your attention has actually been highjacked by ideas and returning back to the present minute, #ppppp> It is a practice of being conscious of. Having the capability to see your judgements and after that having the ability to ultimately let them go.

The following meditation and yoga practice concentrate on establishing a state of mind of non-judgment.

.Self-acceptance.Being you suffices. Obviously opt for your dreams and keep developing, however you suffice. It is still something I am continuously finding out. Some days I need to advise myself that yeah I didn’’ t crush 5 hours in the swimming pool. Shoot I didn’’ t even exerciseat all. Some days I stroll my pet dog and everybody enjoys. That is a great day. – – Rebecca Soni.

The practices of self-compassion and non-judgement lead towards self-acceptance. Lots of professional athletes have their whole identity developed around being a professional athlete. It has actually been well recorded on how this can affect a professional athlete when they retire, however it is simply as impactful on them when contending.

.When somebody’s whole identity is developed around one thing they typically do not different themselves from their efficiencies, #ppppp>. This can lead to a professional athlete seeing a bad efficiency as indictment on who they are as an individual. No matter how you perform it is very important to accept yourself totally and whole-heartedly.

This meditation and yoga practice might feel foreign and unpleasant in the beginning, however in time self-acceptance will be the method which you approach every day life.



All of these classes have actually been produced to help professional athletes enhance their psychological health and to support the Student-Athlete Mental Health Initiative

Click her to learn how you can support the Student-Athlete Mental Health Initiative .



This post and series of classes was a collective effort in between Eliza Jane and Jeff Grace.


. Keep in mind that throughout the difficulties we confront with Covid-19 you can access totally free online Swimming-Specific Yoga class here



The yoga classes in this series are taught by Jeff Grace is a signed up yoga therapist.

Jeff holds diplomas in Coaching (Douglas College-New Westminster, BC) and High Performance Coaching (National Coaching Institute –– Calgary, Alberta). He has a background of over 20 years training both triathletes and swimmers.

At the age of 26 Jeff was identified with Bipolar II Disorder you can learn more about his story here .

You can discover more about Jeff at


The meditation classes in this series are taught by Eliza Jane who got her Masters in Integrative Health from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. Maturing, she played hockey on the college and nationwide level and is enthusiastic about bringing mindfulness and self-compassion practices to professional athletes of all levels.

She resides in Vancouver, BC where she works as a wellness coach, meditation instructor, and group physical fitness trainer. To find out more about Eliza, visit her site at

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