The very first time I satisfied Josh Reynolds was over 5 years back.

My location of work was associated with a literacy program whereby the workers would compose letters to trainees at a school based in Minto.

The program was developed to offer the kids a favorable good example and to promote and motivate literacy (both for the staff members and the trainees!)

At the end of the year, my location of work would host a celebration where the trainees would be available in to satisfy their pals and we would commemorate. There was constantly a visitor speaker, generally a sporting character, and one year it was Reynolds.

He was so outstanding that day. He respected all the kids and remained as long as he needed to, to ensure that every kid got a selfie and a sign. He was generous with his time and a genuine credit to his club.

I later on thanked Raelene Castle, who was CEO at the time, for enabling us to invest a long time with Reynolds. Raelene informed me that the gamer she got the most compliments about far from footy was Reynolds which he would routinely go to kids’ celebrations, did a lot of neighborhood work behind the scenes and was thoughtful with fans.

Since that occasion, I have had the chance to fulfill Reynolds on numerous other events and he has actually constantly been courteous and friendly.

When I became aware of the claims of domestic violence levelled versus Reynolds, I was shattered. It appeared totally incongruous with the image of Reynolds I had in my mind and the male that I had actually had some short interactions with.

But obviously, even if somebody provides as a ‘‘ great person ’ in public, does not indicate that the general public understands what occurs behind closed doors.

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As a feminist and as somebody who comprehends the occurrence of domestic violence in this nation, I likewise wish to think ladies that step forward and make accusations. Domestic violence is a complex concern and it can take terrific guts to come forward and report.

Additionally, we have seen many examples of ladies stepping forward with really major accusations and after that concerns are postured like ‘‘ what was she using?’’, ‘ had she had anything to consume?’’, ‘ why was she out so’ late? ’ and ‘ why did she go house with him?’’


Victim blaming is a really genuine phenomenon and I discover it staggering that individuals utilize these aspects to excuse and attempt what is definitely despicable behaviour and behaviour that nobody ‘‘ asks ’ for.


Since those preliminary claims were made, other video footage has actually been launched to the media of Reynolds talking to his ex-partner is an upset tone and apparently getting her wrist. I had a number of concerns at the time –– did Reynolds understand he was being recorded, existed a prospective trespass here, was the video selectively shot?

None of these aspects excuse the language utilized in this video or any supposed violence, however I questioned whether there was more to the story.

Neil Breen from Channel Nine has actually done some extra examination ever since. Previously today on Nine News a story aired about Reynolds’’ s ex-partner declaring that she had numerous identities, had actually fabricated numerous pregnancies and lied about her own health and the health of her household to get cash from previous partners.

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This piece on the news was exceptionally tough to view. We understand that Reynolds and his ex-partner went public in 2015 to reveal the miscarriage of their twins. To see the distress Reynolds was going through at that time was really difficult to see.

It appeared clear to me that he truly wished to be a daddy however likewise a helpful partner in a deeply traumatic time. To have because found out that these pregnancies may have been phony? I can’’ t think of Reynolds’’ s frame of mind at the minute if the information in the examination held true.

It was revealed by the NRL today that Reynolds will not go through the no-fault stand-down policy. Todd Greenberg identified his matter ‘‘ complex ’ and stated that Josh had actually been open and in advance about his scenario, proactively encouraging the Integrity Unit of what was occurring prior to the cops examination started.

This scenario is a ravaging one.

Serious accusations have actually still been levelled at Reynolds and even if my interactions with him in the past have actually been really favorable, it does not suggest that he did not act as declared.

However, if the claims levelled versus his previous partner hold true, this no doubt affects the method we view other possible victims that step forward and make accusations. Are we less most likely to think individuals in the future due to the fact that of cases like this?

There are definitely no winners in this scenario.

I hope everybody included is getting the assistance that they require.


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