Forget fancy kit. This is all you need to emerge from self-isolation fighting fit• Fitness tips: three exercises to do in a confined space

It feels like being in prison, because it is like being in prison; and all over the world, people are asking: how do you stay fit when you’re confined to the house? This is assuming you don’t already have, or want to buy, a load of equipment. (Although if you do want something cheap and incredibly useful, get some resistance bands.)

You don’t need any stuff to get fit – no weights, no benches, definitely no fancy trainers. And you can aim high. Theoretically, you could wake up in four months’ time looking like a creature of myth, a man or woman who has been cursed with the upper body of a bullock. That may not be what you want, of course, and if you notice it happening, stop the calisthenics and concentrate on star jumps.

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