Recording an interview video may appear simple—– we’’ re talking about an individual in front of a cam? There’’ s in fact a lot to think about if you desire to feel and prevent a dull appearance. Focusing on the material, established, and tape-recording procedure can take your interviews from tiring to vibrant.

.Contents1. What is an Interview Video? 2. Benefits of Interview Videos 3. Where to Use Interview Videos 3.1 Website 3.2 Email 3.3 Podcasts 3.4 Social Media 4. Types of Interview Videos 4.1 Talking Head Interviews 4.2 Conversational Interviews 4.3 Remote Interviews 5. How to Make an Interview Video 5.1 Define Your Purpose 5.2 Choose the Right Interviewee 5.3 Do Your Research 5.4 Plan Your Questions 5.5 Choose the Right Setting 5.6 Light Your Subject 5.7 Test Your Sound 5.8 Make Magic Happen in Editing 6. Interview Video Best Practices 6.1 Go Off Book 6.2 Warm-Up 6.3 Use B-Roll 6.4 Take a Breather 6.5 Record Room Tone .What is an Interview Video?

You’’ ve seen them on the news, late-night talk programs, and documentary. Interview videos generally concentrate on someone responding to concerns, typically on a particular style.

This design of video is individual and up close, and the interviewee may be a topic specialist or simply somebody with a viewpoint. Authentic and unscripted interview videos are a terrific method to provide an individual touch to a story or offer a viewpoint.

.Advantages of Interview Videos.Interview videos are genuine. Interviews are the very best method to get info directly from the horse’’ s mouth. They use an unscripted individual take or understanding from a specialist. There’’ s a reason journalism depends on interviews so greatly, which’’ s the reality. Interviews produce terrific storytelling. Would you rather become aware of the moon landing from a historian, or Neil Armstrong himself? The little information and anecdotes from somebody who in fact lived it brings a story to life.Interviews supply a within appearance. Some interviews enable access to individuals and info that may otherwise remain behind closed doors. Celebs, CEO’’ s, noteworthy individuals, interviews admit and a within appearance.Interview videos are simple to produce. Interview videos have actually barebones established requirements. The basic one angle set-up accelerates both the shoot day and the modifying procedure. You can shoot a good interview video with absolutely nothing more than your smart device, however preferably you’ll have a microphone, tripod, and electronic camera.Interview video footage is terrific for repurposing. Interview clips include credibility and character to your other kinds of videos. You can break the interview up into brief clips to utilize on social networks, or get quotes for case research studies. You may even discover a good clip to consist of in a business culture video or explainer.Where to Use Interview Videos.

Interview videos are flexible and can be utilized throughout your service and at numerous phases of the funnel. They tend to work best on the following channels to enhance brand name awareness, discuss ideas, and bring in leads with market particular insight.


Interview videos can be sprayed throughout your site, in client testimonial video centers, on landing pages particular to the associated item or occasion, and even the ““ About ” area. Anywhere that an interview would assist describe the details or inform the story that page is composed to communicate.


As interesting material, interview videos work excellent in e-mail . Interviews with your CEO or market leaders fit well in consumer newsletters or internal e-mails to develop and inform your neighborhood. Sales groups can likewise send out interview videos including existing clients to potential customers.

.The Boost Your Emails Need.Start embedding videos in your e-mails today. Sign Up Free .Podcasts.

Insert clips or complete interviews into podcast episodes to support an episodic style. This works whether yours is a basic audio podcast or a video podcast .

.Social network.

Break the interview video into little sections to share on social networks with a call to action pressing to your gamer or landing page where the longer variation lives.

.Kinds Of Interview Videos.Talking Head Interviews.

A talking head interview is a basic format in which a solo speaker is framed from the chest up. This offers total focus to the speaker and what they need to state. You’’ ve seen talking head interviews in journalism and documentaries.

.If you desire to interact the reality, #ppppp> Choose a talking head interview. That might take the type of truths from a specialist, or a genuine account of an occasion or experience.

With the recruiter off-camera, it’s typical practice to ask the interviewee to duplicate the concern in their response. If the concern is: ““ How long have you been working at Vidyard?” ”. The interviewee would respond to, ““ I ’ ve been operating at Vidyard for …” ” instead of mentioning, ““ Two years.”


Restating the concern provides context to the concern, and makes the interview a lot easier to modify together.

.Gain from the Pros.

This talking head-style video functions Salesforce evangelist Tiffani Bova responding to concerns as a professional on modern-day sales.

Conversational Interviews.

Whether it’’ s a talk program format or an on-location interview, conversational interviews include the host on video camera. The real-time backward and forward discussion design provides these interviews a genuine feel.

.Gain from the Pros.

Vidyard utilizes this conversational design for our Fireside Chats—– a series shot in an intimate Q&A design including market leaders and topic specialists. Here’’ s one where our CEO, Michael Litt, took a seat with HubSpot’’ s Chief of Sales, Hunter Madelay.

Often the host is a recognized character that audiences associate with, which assists them seem like they belong to the discussion. If you desire a more casual feel, select a conversational interview.

.Learn and enjoy.

Be sure to select a positive host who has the ability to change their concerns and assist the circulation of discussion on the fly.

When preparing a conversational interview, channel master job interviewers like Oprah or Graham Norton, and for some universal ideas on carrying out great interviews, have a look at this interview with Katie Couric. It’’ s from 2009, however her guidance still proves out.

Remote Interviews.

To tape a quality interview, you put on’’ t need to remain in the exact same space or perhaps the exact same nation as your visitor. Video calls make it simple to perform and tape-record interviews from a range in either a conversational or talking head design.

Here are some suggestions particular to remote interviews:

.Select software application and test it out. Numerous video chat platforms provide the capability to tape your web cam either in-app, or with a plugin. Make certain to check it out ahead of time so that you’’ re not repairing with a visitor on the line.Include visual interest and variation by changing in between split screen, complete screen and B-roll (cutaways, and additional video footage).Feel and develop a top quality appearance for your remote interview with components like logo designs, on-screen text, or graphic borders.Gain from the Pros.

This episode of our video podcast, Creating Connections, is an example of a remote interview. Learn more about how we did it in our video podcast post .

How to Make an Interview Video.1. Specify Your Purpose.

Define your function. Discuss a complex subject, gain brand name awareness, or lead a motion within your market. Limiting your function will assist you make all the other choices to come.

.2. Select the Right Interviewee.

Pick somebody who will represent your function.

If your function is education, you may select a topic specialist to describe a complex subject. To share a success story about a current occasion, select somebody straight included like an item supervisor or occasion organizer. If you’’ re aiming to lead a motion, pick market believed leaders.

No matter who you pick, make certain they are well-spoken, positive, and able to speak with your function.

.3. Do Your Research.

As the job interviewer, an excellent grasp on subject will assist you feel great that you are asking smart concerns. When essential, it will likewise assist you rephrase the concern or include context.

.4. Strategy Your Questions.

Interviews can take unforeseen turns, so prepare concerns ahead of time. This will direct your interview and guarantee you put on’’ t forget any essential details.


Once you have a list of concerns, buy them in a cohesive circulation. Begin with some simple ones, (Who are you? What do you do?) and after that proceed to the more thorough (How did this impact your organisation? What are your prepare for the future?).

.5. Pick the Right Setting.

Here’’ s an idea: wear ’ t shoot an interview in front of a beige wall unless you’’ re attempting to bore your audiences to death! The area and what appears in the background will impact the tone of your video.

If you have an internal video studio, put in the time to style and embellish your set. Consist of top quality style components where suitable and provide believed to what appears in the background (what movie geeks and French individuals call the mise-en-scene).

If you are shooting on place, select an area that states something about your topic. If you’’ re talking to a music manufacturer, shoot in their studio. Sometimes when you have less control, like at a conference, discover an area outside, or at least, someplace fascinating, with excellent lighting.

.6. Light Your Subject.

Speaking of lighting… … Try to have your subject dealing with natural light, or utilize a three-point lighting system. For additional information on lighting head to our Video Production Guide .

.7. Test Your Sound.

Whether you are utilizing a lavalier mic or a USB mic for a remote interview, make certain to check your noise. Bring some excellent earphones to separate the tape-recorded noise from the in-room noise.

Be mindful of clothes rustling up versus the mic and popping p’’ s. Interviews are primarily about the spoken word, so sound is necessary.

.8. Make Magic Happen in Editing.

Edit together the very best parts of the interview and produce a circulation from concern to concern. It’’ s ok to leave video on the cutting space flooring if it’’ s not serving the primary function or objective of your video.

This is where you can get innovative. Include music, visuals, on-screen text (like a lower-third with the subject’’ s name and title), and anything else to make this interview shine.

.Interview Video Best Practices.Go Off Book.

To get the very best on-camera efficiency, it’s finest not to let your interviewee follow a script. One method to prevent this is to keep the concerns from your visitor. You can send them an introduction ahead of time, however hang on to the specific concerns till the day of. Attempt rephrasing the concern to get the exact same response in a various method if your visitor’s responses sound robotic or rehearsed.


Wondering how to talk to somebody on cam? Warming them up is crucial. Prior to you even turn the video camera on, make your visitor feel comfy! A little small talk can go a long method. Your interviewee will be more unwinded on cam, and the responses will stream in a more natural method. Having little conveniences like water and treats readily available on set will likewise assist your visitor feel at ease on cam.

.Usage B-Roll.

B-roll is the term utilized to explain any video footage beyond the interview. It’s utilized to include visual interest, highlight the topic, and assist the editor make smoother shifts. B-roll likewise consists of item shots, visual help like charts and charts, and even text on the screen. You may place the concerns as text on screen in between each response.


To make it simpler in the modifying space, prevent run-on sentences by ask your visitors to stop briefly prior to changing topics or altering the subject. If you identify the crash of 2 trains of idea, you may require to ask them to duplicate a particular part of their response.

.Record Room Tone.

Literally, space tone is the natural noise in a space, and taping it can be a lifesaver—– particularly if you’re shooting an interview in a public area. Even in a fancy studio, unanticipated sounds may develop. Space tone can reduce the effects of these noises by developing a bath of white sound under your primary audio track.

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