Eggs are back in the news. And they should be back on our plates.

It seems like just yesterday that we covered another study on eggs and our health. In reality, it was March of 2019 when we debunked a poorly done study that tried to associate egg intake with increased health risk, and another post the same month showing egg consumption on the rise.

At Diet Doctor, we do not believe egg consumption is harmful to your health, and a large meta-analysis of observational studies supports this position. Now a new study provides even more support.

Dr. Andrew Mente and colleagues recently published a review of three observational studies on egg intake and health. Their analysis of 177,000 individuals across 21 countries found that eating more than 7 eggs per week had no association with increased risk of heart disease or death.

To be fair, observational studies such as these cannot prove that eggs are healthy, or that we should all eat more eggs. But these results make it very unlikely that eggs are dangerous. The data continues to mount showing that eggs can be a safe, nutritious part of our diets.

If you think this calls for a celebration, check out our egg recipes like keto frittata with fresh spinach, or keto scrambled eggs with halloumi cheese, or our low-carb baked eggs. Enjoy!

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