With so many artists and publishers deciding to sit out Emerald City Comic Con next week, virtual alternatives are springing up to allow folks to support those who could not go.

ECCC is one of the economic high points of con season, and creators who pulled out can still ill afford the loss of sales. In addition many had already planned exclusives goodies. However, thanks to the wonders of the internet, several “virtual cons” are being organized.

First, there’s this list of those who will not be attending. Check out social media and links for alternative ways to buy merchandise.

Stephanie Cooke is promoting the #TwitterComicon hashtag to promote online stores:

It's time for #TWITTERCOMICON. Can't make it to #ECCC or have to back out? Let's get a hashtag going to promote those creators who were relying on that income.

Use the hashtag and share the link to your stores and where people can buy your goods in lieu of at the con.

— Stephanie Cooke (@hellocookie) March 3, 2020

And now the latest and most elaborate plan: The Very Very Shopping Network, which is being organized by Jen Vaughn on Twitch:

This three-day virtual alternative to ECCC is a QVC-style shopping network featuring artists and writers who had to cancel their ECCC appearances. Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 4-8pm Pacific Time, hosts Jen Vaughn + Jazzlyn Stone + Aaron Oak will interview these talented people in addition to feature some selected panels. You can purchase comics, prints, stickers and more from the comfort of your own home; and learn more about comics and the story-telling process from some of the best creators working.

Watch all this on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday March 12-14th on Very Very Spaceship’s Twitch channel twitch.tv/VVSPA from 4-8pm Pacific Time. Full schedule to be announced Saturday, March 7th!

Very Very Spaceship is a collaborative studio full of makers who often make video games. 

Associated Links: 
Very Very Spaceship: https://vvspaceship.website/
Very Very Spaceship Twitch channel: https://www.twitch.tv/vvspa
Very Very Spaceship YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYn1v3HMGSR6DPGe67gJ2YQ
Very Very Spaceship Twitter: http://twitter.com/vvspaceship

YOu can follow on Twitter for more info, and we’ll update as more info is released:


This three-day virtual alternative to #ECCC is a QVC-style shopping network featuring artists, writers, and publishers who had to cancel their ECCC appearances. 1/6#eccconline #twittercomicon pic.twitter.com/TJLRuDCNkP

— Jen Vaughn 🔜 #VVSN Very Very Shopping Network (@TheJenya) March 5, 2020

5/7 We are finalizing our schedule for the Very Very Shopping Network but still have some creator slots available!

Please send an email to jen@vvspaceship.email with your information (including your ECCC table number).#vvsn #eccconline #twittercomicon pic.twitter.com/UZf8aNWM8U

— Jen Vaughn 🔜 #VVSN Very Very Shopping Network (@TheJenya) March 5, 2020

6/7 COSPLAYERS! We are so sad to not see you at ECCC this year and we’d love to show off your skills!

If you have an amazing cosplay you’d like to show off, send pictures or videos along with your social media info to jen@vvspaceship.email #vvsn #eccconline #twittercomicon pic.twitter.com/j4vzpJ2vv2

— Jen Vaughn 🔜 #VVSN Very Very Shopping Network (@TheJenya) March 5, 2020

I’m among those not going to ECCC – I regretfully cancelled the trip and a planned jaunt to PDX. But you can bet I’ll be using some of the money I saved on egg sandwiches at the airport to buy some cool gear online. And you should too. The Coronavirus outbreak is a disaster for both health and the economy and those who decided to stay at home need our help.

The Beat will be helping to support those who stay home and those who decide to go in every way we can. And currently, we plan to have two staffers on site to report on everything that happens.

Here’s more from the Very Very Twitch channel:



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