Our Big Little Man, who is 3 years of ages, informed his mother and father he wishes to be a beast T-Rex in bed for Halloween this year, which Little Man, who will be 11 months by Halloween might be a Baby Monster T-Rex in bed. As you can see, BLM’s pjs are 2 piece with brief trousers and brief sleeves. LLM’s resemble a sleeper other than without feet. His dino fit has different feet that slip over his shoes. BLM will slip his feet right into his dino fit’s feet. I connected a rubber hair band to the back of the heel so that it can hook around the button that is inside the back of the leg, so that his feet will remain in. I think these feet will get quite filthy when he’s out trick-or-treating, however that’s ok. Here’s Big Little Man’s head. He will watch out through the mouth. The teeth are made from Mr. Clean sponges. Here’s where his head will fit. Little Man’s head sits on top of a hood that will cover his head. Here’s Big Little Man’s naked T-Rex fit. I didn’t take a picture of Little Man’s without the pjs. It appears like a smaller sized variation of this one, basically. His feet aren’t connected, though. I have my good friend, Marilyn to thank for this green elastic ribbed material. It remained in the huge box of material and trims that she offered me just recently !!!! I’m going to utilize some material from this box for Lil’E and Lil’B’s outfits, too. What a true blessing to have good friends like Marilyn, and like Tina, who has actually lent me her device so I can make these outfits. I am such a fortunate girl!!!!! Thank you to those of you who wanted my child well, through the typhoon power failure. They got their power back on Saturday, after 7 days without it! They were safe and no damage was done to their house, so they were really fortunate. Our child in MA had no damage either.We are getting the rain from Tropical Storm Lee today, however it is severely required, so I am not grumbling!!!! It has actually cooled off substantially, too! Whew! These 90+ temperatures have actually been unpleasant!!!! It’s going to remain in the 70s for a couple of days !!!! The insurer is examining whether they will change my device if it can’t be repaired. Obviously I have a deductible I’ll need to fulfill initially. I’m really hoping that my own can be repaired!

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