Overview of Digital Marketing Qualification

Acquiring a digital marketing qualification will help you prepare to start a career in this exciting industry. Digital marketing is an evolutionary field, in fact, one of the most trending career paths of recent times. Currently, digital marketing jobs are very much in demand for the wonders it has done by renewing the regular marketing campaigns. It also is highly sought-after because of its vast variety of career paths it offers. According to a report by Firstpost, “About 90% of the brands devote at least 15% of their total budget to digital marketing”.

This also means that it experiences a lot of constant flux every year, every day. A lot of new terminologies, strategies, tools, and technology come in to evolve the game. This situation often leaves the digital marketing aspirants in a confusing spot as to how or when to enter the realm. It also raises the question that does becoming a digital marketer requires a specialized set of skills or educational background. However, the basic point to understand is that some fundamental digital marketing skills and qualifications largely remain the same. But if you are serious about digital marketing as a long-term career, you will have to stay abreast of the latest tools and technologies. That said, here are the set of qualifications you would need to start your exciting career journey in the exciting and fast-paced realm of digital marketing.

Qualifications Required for Digital Marketing

Now, it may come out to be great news to you that there is no definite set of qualification route to this career path. However, certain educational backgrounds or degrees may be preferred for securing your first job in the field. This is basically to set the base and validated that you may be a good fit for the role.

Graduation: Marketing, Communications, Journalism, English Literature or related fields are preferred.
Post–Graduation: A post-graduation is not required. However, a degree specializing in Digital Marketing, Public Relations, Data Analytics, Market Research, etc. can be the limelight of your CV and definitely provide you with an edge over others.

Now, even if you don’t have the above background, you can still enter the field if you achieve the required skills, by taking an industry-recognized Digital Marketing training course that will help you learn all the necessary. Through a professional course, you will get to learn the fundamental skills and the confidence you need to impress a digital marketer taking your interview. Also, through this, you easily get an idea as to what area of digital marketing are you more interested in or eligible for. Example of such disciplines can be as follows:

Social media manager
PPC Manager
Digital strategy & planning
Content & inbound marketing
Email marketing
SEO executive
Website developers

In short, you will have to choose or specialize in one or two areas of digital marketing while you start your career. This also increases your chances of getting employed as brands are looking for talents that can take responsibility for a specific part of the marketing campaign. At the same time, you will also have a fair knowledge of other areas, increasing your chances to become an overall digital marketing manager.

Prefered Courses Over Degree

Now, I have already mentioned the importance of getting a course. It is important to understand that if you are willing to enter an unconventional industry like digital marketing, you should always consider undergoing a course that teaches you the exact skills over a 2-3 year degree that would give you theoretical knowledge mostly. This comes as a crucial point as the recruiters are preferring candidates that already have learned the practical application and need minimal training.

A report by Forbes mentions, “as high as 60% of the industry leaders predict that employers have become more inclined towards skills-based hiring not giving much weight to a traditional degree”. These courses, micro-credentials or badges are not compulsory and won’t be mentioned in any job description. But, you will notice a big difference in the way recruiters deal with you if you hold a certification. If this piques your interest, take a look at the general course details.

Course Details

Course for digital marketing is mentioned in detail below.


The period of the course may be different for different institutes. However, it generally ranges from 3-6 months.

Eligibility Criteria

As mentioned earlier, there are no such eligibility norms for taking up this course. This is the reason that this course attracts aspirants from different backgrounds. The standards, however, may vary from one institute to another. Some may require you to be a graduate, while some may offer programs right after the 12th standard.


These online courses are very flexible in terms of the pace of learning. This system of learning lets you learn in a short space of time making it convenient for the working professionals as well as the students who are still studying.


Again, the fee structure varies from one institute to another. It could depend on the following factors –

Type of institute
Duration of the course
Number of topics covered in the course
Online ranking

On average, it may cost you anywhere from 30k-90k.


Digital Marketing is a very broad field. Technically, it is an umbrella term integrating multiple aspects. Hence, a vast variety of topics will be covered in the curriculum such as:

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Marketing
Social Media Optimisation
Social Media Marketing
Content Marketing
SMS Marketing
Mobile Marketing
E-mail Marketing
Website Designing
Online Reputation Management
Google Analytics

Career Opportunities for Digital Marketing

This course is going to open doors for a lot of opportunities in different fields of work. In fact, this is an excellent domain that can offer you self-employment opportunities as well.

Some of the areas that you can get into are:

Digital Marketing firms
PR agencies
Social media agencies
MNCs and corporates
E-commerce companies


Finally, we understand that there is no fixed set of qualifications needed for you to enter this dynamic highly demanded field of work. However, by registering for a good digital marketing online course, you can boost your chances of landing your dream job. A professional course would act as an entry ticket for a fresher as it would lay a strong foundation for you in no time. So, don’t wait and take the first step by enrolling in a digital marketing certification course.

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