A few weeks ago, Nicholas Kenyon and I got into a bit of a row over whether it was a crime or indeed sublime to double wrist a mechanical wristwatch and an Apple Watch. Kenyon was firmly in the sublime camp, whereas I was, well … you can read my thoughts on the matter right here. Anyway, we posited the question to you, the enthusiasts, on our Facebook page, and judging from the comments, I well and truly trounced Kenyon on this particular occasion. So, sit back, relax and enjoy some of the finest, Zuckerberg-approved commentary on the interwebs about whether or not it’s OK to double wrist with a mechanical and Apple Watch: Nic wrote: “This is a grave crime against fashion.” Sam wrote: “Anyone that wears two watches is an a***-candle. Fitbits and fitness devices excepted.” Rhys wrote: “Jail time.” Quentin wrote: “Life, no possibility of parole.” Alex also wrote: “Crime, capital punishment.” Richard wrote: “That’s like wearing two pairs of pants, pick one for the occasion and move on.” Pierre wrote: “Because less is often more, a single watch is enough to me …” Michael wrote: “I did a couple of times, felt wrong and never again.”…The post Crime or Sublime: Double Wristing with a mechanical and Apple Watch – the results appeared first on Time and Tide Watches.

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