Alex Guesthouse by Atelier Vens Vanbelle

Architecture studio Atelier Vens Vanbelle has actually constructed a Corten steel guesthouse with a watchtower in Uitbergen, Belgium, for a customer in the movie organisation.

Named after its owner, Alex Guesthouse was constructed to satisfy his short that global visitors need to remember their stay permanently. It was built from various layers of laminated veneer lumber (LVL) dressed in Corten.

” We needed to consider something beyond other guesthouses,” Atelier Vens Vanbelle creators Dries Vens and Maarten Vanbelle informed Dezeen.

” It must be something you’ve never ever seen or experienced previously, and visitors must feel at ease throughout their stay. We developed the concept of a sort of wood cavern, due to the fact that wood can offer you this ‘cosiness’.”

Designed as one big piece of furnishings, the wood part of the guesthouse was built in a studio and after that rebuilt on website. Atelier Vens Vanbelle likewise constructed an underground extension to the existing structure, which results in the guesthouse and homes a movie theater, bar, restroom and storage.

” We began developing and created the concept of a huge furniture piece, in which the layered wood acts as flooring, ceiling, walls and furnishings all-in-one,” the studio described.

” Because the interior is rather monotone colour-wise, the attention is drawn to the huge circular windows in which a castle and the garden are framed.”

The designers utilized the quick to turn a forgotten corner of the garden into a focus point, with the objective of producing an experience instead of a structure. To that point, Alex Guesthouse is at first accessed through an underground entryway.

” Alex takes visitors to their guesthouse through an uncommon path: they initially enter his living space, where we’ve made a connection with the brand-new garden storage and bike storage, which they discover rather odd,” stated Vens and Vanbelle.

” From the bike storage they take the staircase which leads them underground in a long disorientating passage,” the designers described. “At the end of this passage you have the bar and movie theater, however likewise the spiral staircase, which leads them to the guesthouse and watchtower.”

The spiral staircase is linked to the outdoors and culminates in the watchtower with a view of the Schelde river valley. Alex Guesthouse can likewise be accessed from the street and garden.

A street-facing garden wall assisted the designers choose the gently rounded, natural shape of the structure.

” The underground part got covered by a green hill, so we desired the guesthouse to be a things that appears odd at very first sight however rather reasoning when you have a closer appearance,” they stated.

Profiled Corten steel was selected for the cladding as the studio believed it abstract sufficient to fit with the interior, while its colour matches the surrounding trees and garden well.

” The volume looks abstract, without being stunning,” the designers discussed.

” The rust procedure is finished, so the corten will remain like this permanently, simply till it will be found by aliens, questioning what sort of area ship they are taking a look at … or something like that.”

The underground part of the guesthouse determines 99 square metres, the home and bed room 40 square metres, and the watchtower 5 square metres.

Though the structure wasn’t motivated by any movie in specific, the designers kept the cinematic element of the job in mind when creating it.

” In basic we like the impressive environments which are developed by –– for instance –– David Lynch or Peter Greenaway,” they stated.

” They produce environments which feel disorientating and familiar at the exact same time, so that’s approximately what we wanted too: to develop a series of various experiences and environments that make the visitor de-connect with every day life and concentrate on other things, like sensations, views, and peace.”

Atelier Vens Vanbelle has actually formerly produced an L-shaped white brick home motivated by farmhouses and abbeys and constructed a pentagonal home around a tree trunk .

Photography is by Tim Van De Velde .

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