When you get your brand-new phone, there are a couple of things you need to do to get it up to speed. This isn’’ t going to be fluff about what apps to set up or quite backgrounds. This is a full-on, pro-level guide to what you should make with a brand-new phone.

You’’ ll wish to transfer over all your apps and information from the old phone , naturally. You ought to likewise make sure it ’ s worth keeping and make it as safe and secure as possible.

. Check The New Phone.

We anticipate things to be great right out of package, however when was the last timeyou truly examined? When it is still under guarantee and you still have time to take it back, do it now.

. Look at all the joints where the glass fulfills the case. Examine all the ports to ensure they ’ re fitting correctly. Go through all the products that are available in package with it. If you can open the case and inspect the battery, do that. If it has one, take out the SIM card tray and microSD card tray. Take an excellent take a look at whatever for fractures. Joints should be the very same width all around. There shouldn ’ t be any staining or little bits of plastic protruding either.Plugs must fit appropriately in their ports. On phones, there ought to be no wiggle space. Or it wiggles a something, rsquo &lot ; s incorrect if the cable plug doesn ’ t stay in the port on its own.

If you see any of these issues, take down them right now. If you can, take photos. Takeit back if it ’ s not up to your requirements.

. Charge The Phone For Eight Hours.

When the phone passes your visual assessment, begin charging it. Keep your phone shut off and let it charge fora complete 8 hours.Overnight is most convenient.


There are a couple of theories on the finest method to charge a phone , however for the very first time, you ’ ll wish to ensure it has a complete charge prior to beginning the phone established. That method, it won ’ t pass away midway through setting up an app, moving information, or upgrading the phone ’ s running system’.

. Do The Basic New Phone Set-Up.

Do the bare minimum to establish your brand-new phone. Each phone has its own setup treatment, typically consisting of security established, so go through that. Use those as well if there are running system updates for the phone.


Ideally, running system updates supply much better security and performance, so it ’ s best to constantly use those.

Some phones will wish to start the transfer of information from your old phone to your brand-new phone. It might be a greatidea concept put it off if this action can be quickly done later on. We still wear ’ t one hundred percent understand that the phone is excellent.

. Examine The Phone, Part 2.

Our very first evaluation was simply a physical’one. We ’ ll requirement to do a practical examination.If the phone stops working that practicalassessment and all of our information is off of the old phone, you ’ ll need to move it back to the old phone so you can return the brand-new phone.


When we examine the phone this time, we ’ re going to inspect:

. Cellular Connection.

If the phone doesn ’ t make a connection to the cell network or drops it quickly, then the rest doesn ’ t matter.


You can inspect this by moving in and out of locations that your old phone would dropcalls. It may not be so great if it drops calls quicker than the old phone. Bear in mind, cell signals natural’differ in strength, even whenyou ’ re in the exact same area.

. Screen Function. Exist parts of the screen that are darker or brighter than the rest? Exist dead pixels? Does the whole screen register touches correctly? Is the screen touch adjusted so that when we tap in one area, that ’ s precisely where the tapsigns up? Port Function. Plug the earphones in and attempt them. Does it work? Exists any crackling or fixed? Does it auto-adjust the volume when you plug the earphones in so it doesn ’ t blow your eardrums out? Plug in the charging cable television. Does the phone right away begin to charge? Does it reveal that it ’ s charging? Attempt it with the wallbattery charger and a USB port on a computer system. When plugged into your computer system, can you move files back and forth? Electronic camera Test.

Take some photos with all the cams on the phone’and in all the modes possible ; still, video, breathtaking, sluggish movement … whatever modes it has. Do the photos come out as they should? Do all the methods of recording an image work, like pushing an on-screen or physical button and the voice command.

. Check Wireless Connections.

Make sure that your brand-new phone will link to WiFi and Bluetooth gadgets and keeps a connection over an affordable range. It must remain linked to your WiFi throughout your house that your other gadgets can link from.


For Bluetooth, you need to have the ability to remain linked at a minimum of 30 feet far from the Bluetooth gadget, if there are no walls in between the gadget and the phone. These 2 tests aren ’ t conclusive. The issue may be with the WiFi or Bluetooth gadgets and not the phone if we experience an issue. If you have any, inspect with other gadgets.


If the phone has NFC abilities and you utilize services like Apple Pay or Google Wallet , that must be checked as quickly as possible.


Check the GPS. Do that if you can set the phone to discover your area utilizing simply GPS signal. check inspect the phone ’ s map to see if it accurately properly finds you are. The phone ’ s GPS need to be precise within a 16 ft. radius if you ’ re standing in an open field. How will we understand? If the GPS is method off and states we ’ re 2 streets over, we won ’ t however we ’ ll understand.

. Inspect The Phone ’ s Sensors.

Smartphones have a number of sensing units integrated. Those might consist of a gyroscope, magnetometer, accelerometer, distance and light sensing units.


The gyroscope senses the phone’’ s position. Evaluate it by turning your brand-new phone and seeing if it does what it’’ s expected to do. Turning sideways must bring’your phone screen into landscapemode. Turning it over makes the screenswitch off for a great deal of phones.


The magnetometer incorporate carefully with the GPS. Consider it as a compass. If it finds north and changes discovers if you alters instructions, open thephone ’ s compass app and see.


Proximity sensing units are utilized to see how far your phone is from other strong items. It utilizes a mix of an infrared light sensing unit and an infrared LED. The LED shines IR light, which we can not see, and the IR sensing unit selects it up. This is how your phone understands it ’ s near your ear and shuts off the screen.


Light Sensors find how intense the light is around the phone. When utilized camera is video camera autoflash mode, this is the sensing unitused. The flash doesn ’ t go off and vice versa if it ’ s brilliant enough. That ’ s how we can evaluate it, too.


Some phones have barometers integrated. The barometer finds air pressure. It can be utilized to figure out how far above water level we are or if there are inbound weather condition modifications. Not all phones have these. There will be an app that can access it and reveal you if it ’ s working if yours does.


Most phones now have a finger print reader, utilized for extra security.’Establish the security to need a finger print and test it. It might be malfunctioning if you can ’ t get into your phone quickly utilizing the finger print sensing unit.

. Establish Phone Security.

Since the mobile phone is an electronic extension of our lives, we require to keep the phone safe and protected . Identity theft is growing tremendously. The truth that we have whatever from our household pictures to federal government ID to bank and charge card saved on our phones, makes them a valued target for burglars.

. Secure your phone . Put the greatest level of security on it that you can. For the majority of phones, that implies establishing the finger print lock. It ’ s high security and high benefit so why not?Set up the capability to from another location clean your phone. You can from another location clean it from any computer system if your phone is lost or taken. Encrypt your phone. By securing all the information on your phone, even if somebody takes your phone and copies all the information from it in some way, the information will still be worthless to them. It ’ s possible they might decrypt it with adequate time and resources, however it ’ s far much easier for them to simply take another 10 phones that aren ’ t encrypted. Lawbreakers are normally opportunistic. It ’ s not worth their time as soon as something ends up being hard.

Finally, protect your brand-new phone physically. Get a great case for it that will safeguard it from bumps and falls. It won ’ t be bombproof, however it will assist the phone last till it ’ s time for the next upgrade.

. It ’ s Good To Go.

Now that the phone is completely checked and secured, you understand it will work well for you for a long period of time. Sure, doing these things isn ’ t as enjoyable as simply shooting up the phone and playing video games or publishing images, however it makes certain you can do that whenever you desire down the roadway.


It ’ s likewise not as long a procedure as you may believe. This entire procedure, beyond waiting on the phone to charge, move information, and secure it, just takes about half an hour. It ’ s time to delight in the phone for numerous years.


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