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Is Facebook Dead for Marketers?

Is Facebook dead? What will you do? Stay or go? There have actually been huge modifications to Facebook over the previous couple of years, and much more so because I began utilizing this platform in 2006. Method back then it was so simple to get individuals to like your facebook page or profile, see huge engagement and …


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Best Outdoor Gear Deals of the Week

This week’s best outdoor gear deals highlight an insulated vest, Smith ski goggles, leather Chacos, and more.

Smith Skyline ChromaPop Snow Goggles: $127 (25% Off)

The really stylish rimless design on these Smith goggles will give you a perfect, unobstructed view of whatever line you’re shredding. The Smith ChromaPop lens filters specific wavelengths of light to increase clarity and is 100-percent UPV protective.

The goggles are helmet-compatible and come with a lifetime warranty. If you spend much time on the mountain, these are awesome goggles.

See the Smith Skyline Snow Goggles

Stio Downwater Anorak — Men’s & Women’s: $75 (50% Off)

Stio apparel is back on my radar with this versatile, cool-weather anorak. The windproof outerwear is fairly light and is a great choice for hanging around a campground or riverside.

The anorak has a drawcord-adjustable fixed hood, long center zipper, and kangaroo-style pouch with zippered side access. It’s a perfect, cozy-casual look for fall weather.

See the men’s Stio Downwater AnorakSee the women’s Stio Downwater Anorak

Spyderco D’Allara Drop-Point Blade: $120 (63% Off)

Spyderco makes some great folding knives, and this one is no exception. The D’Allara has a CPM-S30V steel drop-point blade measuring 3.4 inches with a curved, G-10 handle.

The Spyderco D’Allara was designed to honor John D’Allara, a New York City police officer and Spyderco enthusiast who died in the line of duty on 9/11. It’s great for multipurpose use or for those avid hunters out there.

It’s been discontinued, so grab one while you can.

See the Spyderco D’Allara Blade

Columbia Cascade Peak Beanie: $16 (37% Off)

Pumpkin spice lattes are probably just a trend, but beanies are here to stay — especially this fall-colored knit beanie from Columbia. It’s perfect for a windy fall day, a morning on the slopes, or a nighttime winter stroll.

We like the beanie’s fleece lining for extra warmth, and it’s over 30 percent off now.

See the Columbia Cascade Peak Beanie

prAna Kara Denim Pant — Women’s: $28-48 (Up to 69% Off)

For some reason (call it weird or awesome), prAna’s popular jean-style pant is on sale for 33-61 percent off depending on color choice. The Kara has a low-rise waist, fitted pant legs, four front and back pockets, and comfortable material for daily wear.

Use the code FALLBUMP20 to get an additional 20 percent off regardless of your choice in color or size. In total, that equals savings of up to 69 percent. The extra 20-percent-off deal is valid only through October 3.

See the prAna Denim Pant

Patagonia Fitz Roy Scope T-Shirt — Men’s: $26 (26% Off)

Monte Fitz Roy in Patagonia is not only an iconic climbing destination, but it also features in the logo of the brand by the same name. This classic men’s graphic T-shirt has a scoop neck and slimmer fit (making it a perfect tee choice for women as well).

The tee is also organic, meaning no pesticides are used in the U.S.-grown cotton, and the brand uses screen-printed ink for the art. It’s a great shirt to wear under a cozy fleece or to a local brewery.

See the Patagonia Fitz Roy T-Shirt

Salomon QST 99 Skis: $420 (30% Off)

With winter almost upon us, it’s time to think about upgrading your skis. I’m genuinely excited about Salomon’s QST 99 skis — designed for all-mountain use, these skis have a 99mm waist, meaning they will do great on powder and handling tight turns.

Other specs on these babies include a 3D wood and carbon core, Salomon’s All-Terrain Rocker 2.0 profile, and a slightly rockered tip and tail.

See the Salomon QST 99 Skis

Simms Midstream Insulated Vest: $90 (40% Off)

The Simms Midstream Insulated Vest is filled with PrimaLoft insulation for warmth, but it’s not too bulky to wear in the outdoors.

Whether you’re fishing or braving the elements of winter weather, this vest will provide warmth and resistance against the wind. Plus, the zippered chest and hand-warmer pockets are sure to come in handy.

See the Simms Midstream Insulated Vest

KAVU Rope Sling Pack: $40 (20% Off)

Seattle-based KAVU makes some pretty nice outdoor wear and accessories, but its best product is the Rope Sling Pack.

A casual sling-style pack, this bag is perfect from office to trail to happy hour. The bag is durable with its 600-denier polyester construction, and its easy-access zip pockets make it as functional as can be.

See the KAVU Rope Sling Pack

Chaco Playa Pro Leather Sandals — Men’sWomen’s: $72 (20% Off)

We all know Chaco makes boots, sneakers, and slip-ons, but, first and foremost, it’s a sandal company. And these leather flip-flops definitely count as a perfect mountain town (or beach town) sandal choice.

For the minimalists who don’t like too many straps, the Playa is perfect. Made with a PU midsole with Chaco’s Cloud cushioning and a full-grain leather upper, this sandal is stylish yet functional. The shoe even has treads designed to provide traction on less-flat terrain and comes in an array of colors.

See the men’s Chaco Playa SandalsSee the women’s Chaco Playa Sandals

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I Broke Up With My Best Friend and It Has Taken Me Years to Recover

A couple of weeks earlier, my partner and I were leaving a dining establishment after supper when I felt his arm carefully twist around my shoulders and pull me to his chest. I smiled, and questioned what had actually entered him after 20 years. I provided his arm a capture and kept walking.

Or I attempted.

He hung on, and kept me from turning a corner into the primary dining location. I shot him an unclean appearance over my shoulder and pressed more difficult as he silently asked me to trust him. “Please simply remain here for a minute, ok?”

Irritated and baffled, I did as he asked. I comprehended.

I utilized to have a friend. (Twenty20 @criene)

Walking out the door ahead of us, familiar hair of dark hair swinging behind her, was my previous friend. I hadn’’ t seen her in twelve years. On my 40th birthday, an argument over place and visitor list destroyed my celebration and spiraled into a friendship-ending brawl.

It ought to go without stating that the breach was much deeper than that – – the relationship is worthy of much better than the cattiness suggested by the ending. Rather than talk about it, we happily and openly betrayed self-confidences, aired out minor slights and caustic anger up until we might not assist however see our worst selves through the other’’ s eyes. After that, there was no space for reconciliation.

As I stood there with my hubby that day, I felt the familiar flicker of rage, the requirement to stride after her and spitefully salt the injury. ““ Pretty sure nobody here requires to see that reunion,” ” my spouse provided, reading my mind. He was.

I wished to miss her. I wished to miss us, however I didn’’ t.


’We didn ’ t take excellent care of our relationship. We didn ’ t need to. Over twenty years, we grew together, married and had households, separated and moved and remarried, altered professions and tasks and political leanings –– never ever rather in synch however constantly in orbit. We’’d fulfill every couple of weeks and sink gratefully into familiar, comfy variations of ourselves, no pretense or apology. Our time together was a welcome breath of fresh air.

I gradually began to see indications of stress, however associated them to our various life phases – – she had actually grown kids and was emerging from an uncomfortable divorce, discovering to browse the dating scene. I had little kids, and might feel pieces of my previous identity escaping. If we had a commonalities, it was that we were both uneasy in our own skin, looking for recognition however not able to supply it, filling the area in between us with our own requirements. Slowly, little slights ended up being big ones, as we furtively and spitefully kept rating up until it ended up being excessive.


In the consequences, we each left injuries in our wake: hers was to inform me I was too self-centered tobe a buddy to anybody. Below all the sorrow and rage, I thought her. Since if you can ’ t trust your buddy to inform you the reality, who can you rely on?


They state the ending of a long-lasting relationship can be as squashing as a divorce, and I discovered that to be real. I rushed to heal peripheral relationships that were struck by the shrapnel of our particular betrayals, and lastly resigned myself to a couple of months of treatment. Those sessions offered me a possibility to air my side of the story, no matter how self-righteous, in an environment that wouldn ’ t expense me in my individual life.


The neutrality of a therapist permitted me to discover’point of view on my own imperfections, and utilize it as a guide for my options in relationship moving forward. Here are a couple of things I want I ’d comprehended twenty years previously.

. 5 Things I’ve Learned about Friendship.

1. Not every relationship makes the entire journey with you.


The Ride or Die good friend from your twenties might not be a great suitable foryour forties. The good friend you gotten in touch with throughout a divorce might not associate with the next life instructions you select. A shared history can be a solid bond, however it shouldn ’ t strangle you. The secret to a long-lasting relationship is not just to grow and’adjust – however to support each other as they do the exact same.


In – retrospection I can see that my pal and I were so connected to the familiar variations of ourselves and each other that we hesitated to include what was developing in its location.


2. Since somebody desires to be your rsquo, doesn &pal; t imply that they must be, simply.


Hey, all of us feel flattered when’somebody attempts to connect and make a connection, and if you ’ ve been lonesome it can be thrilling to be picked. Take it sluggish – much like you would in romantic relationships. Don ’ t share all of your tricks and worries on – your very first pal date, however be genuine.


I am a feminist, an atheist, and I lean left politically – that rapidly ends up being crucial in today ’ s news cycle, and while it might not – be an offer breaker’, it is factor to continue with care.


3. Understand that in some cases,individuals are going to swipe left on you, too.


It ’ s truly frustratingwhen you seem like you have actually satisfied a brand-new good friend, just to have them stop returning texts and call. It appears silly, however for my own comfort I set a limitation on the variety of decreased welcomes or unreturned interactions. That limitation ends up being more flexible with time, however regard for another individual ’ s limits, even when you put on ’ t comprehend them, is an essential lesson to find out.


4. Your area is very important, too.

Long-term relationships frequently have twisted roots, due to the fact that they began at a time when you were simply discovering to set borders – and while that is in some cases what makes them excellent, – it can likewise set the phase for unhealthy relationships. Now is a fun time to examine your self-care. Are you much better for this relationship? Do you feel great when you are around this individual? Do they make you feel evaluated, or are you continuously providing more than you get? Keep what supports you. Leave what tears you down.


5. Not everybody can mark off all the relationship boxes.


Just like in a marital relationship, it is unreasonable to anticipate all your requirements to be fulfilled by someone. Throughout the years, I have actually slowly discovered a developing, diverse circle of buddies – some closer than others, with various shared interests. In general, it is more broad than deep. The good friend with whom I spend lavishly on champagne breakfast is not the one with whom I consider existential angst– and neither of them are the good friend I share scary stories about parenting teenagers. It ’ s ok to play to the strengths of a relationship.


It took years for me to let go of her parting judgement– practically as long as it did my judgement of her. Am I self-centered? No– however – I can be. She was self-centered, too. Who was “ more ” self-centered no – longer matters. The only method we were going to carry on “was to let go – and it was bound to be harmful, provided just how much simmered below the surface area. It – was among the most unpleasant breaks up I have actually ever sustained, however the reality that neither people attempted to fix up – in reality, never ever saw the other once again till that dining establishment happenstance – speaks volumes.


I understand there will never ever be another like her, and while I in some cases miss out on that sensation of understanding somebody “ gets me, ” I no longer desire it. In my most generous minutes, I can see past the anger at my good friend to the present she inadvertently provided me: an opportunity to do much better. We are all comprised of an unlimited variety of defects and strengths, none of which specify us. Because awareness lies forgiveness, and the knowledge to much better acknowledge when a relationship has actually reached its limitations– and to let it grow in the instructions it is suggested to, even if it that indicates it grows far from me.


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